Site of the Week – Capernaum, Israel Tour

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CAPERNAUM, Kefar Nahum (“town of Nahum”) We honor the CHRISTmas season with our December sites of the week. This week the famous city of New Testament times, Capernaum.  More of Christ’s miracles were performed here than in any other city.  Capernaum possibly had a population of 10,000.  Located on Galilee ten miles north of Tiberias.  Just 2.5 miles west from where the Jordan River enters Galilee.  Center of Christ’s activities for 18-20 months after he left Nazareth.  Home of Peter.  Jesus lived here most of the time during His ministry, beginning 30 AD.  He made it his home, “his own city” (Matt 4:13-15; 9:1; Luke 4:31; John 2:12; Mark 1:21).  Remains of Synagogue where the Lord preached (Mark 1:21; Luke 4:31-33) and healed are still there.  Archaeologists believe the foundation of the building (note the line along the outside of the foundation) date to Christ’s time.  The Synagogue now standing was built in 400 AD and was built by Jews, not by Arabs.  Impressive ruin, many artifacts, carvings recovered and on display.  Here Jesus called Peter, Andrew, James, John and Matthew. For more Israel Sites – See our Israel Tour...

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Glimpse of the Past – LDS Church History Dec

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December 1830 – The Saints in the State of New York were commanded by revelation to gather to Ohio. (Doc. and Cov., Sec. 37.) December 11, 1830 (Saturday) – Edward Partridge was baptized by Joseph Smith, jun., in the Seneca river. December 13, 1841 (Monday) – Apostle Willard Richards was appointed Joseph Smith’s private secretary and general clerk for the Church. December 15, 1845 (Monday) – After laboring nearly one year and eight months on Tubuai, Elder Addison Pratt left that island to join Elder Benjamin F. Grouard, who had commenced a most successful missionary work on Anaa, one of the Tuamotu Islands. Taken from Andrew Jenson’s:  Church...

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Glimpse of the Past – LDS Church History Dec 1-7

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December 2, 1827 – Owing to persecutions Joseph Smith, jun., removed from Manchester, N. Y., to Harmony, Susquehanna Co., Pa., but there also persecution awaited him. During this and the following month he translated some of the characters of the plates. December 3, 1843 – In the assembly room above the Red Brick Store, Joseph Smith and the others present prayed for his brother Hyrum Smith, who had injured his leg. December 1, 1844 (Sunday) – Apostle Parley P. Pratt was appointed to go to the city of New York to regulate and counsel the emigration from Europe and preside over all the eastern branches of the Church. December 4, 1842 (Sunday) – The city of Nauvoo was divided into ten Bishop’s wards. December 7, 1842 (Wednesday) – Apostle Orson Hyde returned to Nauvoo from his mission to...

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Glimpse of the Past – LDS Church History Nov 25-30

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November 28 & 29, 1838 – The remaining prisoners in Richmond were released, or admitted to bail, except Joseph Smith, jun., Lyman Wight, Caleb Baldwin, Hyrum Smith, Alex. McRae and Sidney Rigdon, who were sent to jail in Liberty, Clay Co., to stand their trial for treason and murder, of which they were falsely accused; and Parley P. Pratt, Morris Phelps, Luman Gibbs, Darwin Chase and Norman Shearer were confined in the Richmond jail to stand their trial on a similar charge. The next day, after being abused and enduring an unjust hearing, Joseph Smith and five of the other brethren were committed to Liberty Jail in Liberty, Missouri, by Judge Austin A. King. November 30, 1845 (Sunday) – The attic story of the Nauvoo Temple was dedicated. November 26, 1851 (Wednesday) – Elder Hans F. Petersen baptized Peter Adamsen and John Olsen in Riisor, as the first fruits of preaching the gospel in Norway. November 30, 1866 (Friday) – Elder Abel Evans, missionary from Utah, died at Merthyr Tydfil, Wales. November 29, 1861 (Friday) – Apostles Geo A. Smith and Erastus Snow, Elder Horace S. Eldredge and others left G.S.L. City for southern Utah, with a view to locating settlements in the valleys of the Rio Virgen and Santa Clara for the purpose of raising...

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