Glimpse of the Past – LDS Church History Jan 22-31

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January 29, 1839 – The Elders met at Far West to complete measures for the removal of the poor from Missouri, and pledged themselves to assist each other until all were removed. January 26, 1840 – The first preaching in Liverpool, England occurred by Elder John Taylor during the Apostolic Mission to England. January 31, 1844 – the Prophet Joseph Smith contributed several books to the Nauvoo Library and Literary Institute for the Saints to increase their understanding.: January 1946 – Ezra Taft Benson is appointed president of European Mission. January 1962 – Derek Alfred Cuthbert, first resident of the United Kingdom to be called as an LDS Church general authority while living in Britain, helped establish Deseret Enterprises, an agency that directed the distribution of materials for the LDS Church in Britain and on the European continent. Taken from:  The Historians Corner Edited by James B. Allen, BYU Studies, vol. 14, p. 388; & Church Chronology by Andrew...

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