Great Last Minute Kid General Conference Ideas

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SIMPLE CONFERENCE ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS There are already lots of awesome printables out there.  Here are some ideas for kids that finish a print out after 5 minutes and need more to fill up time. Pick some simple quiet activities that use toys & things you already have.  Revamp FHE activities that went well. Print out pictures of the 1st Pres. And Apostles (pg 16 of  here), cut them out and tape by where you’re watching conference.  When one of them speaks, the kids find their picture and put them at the podium printout (top part of here).  Then they pick one of the activities you have ready to go (pick out of a bowl, written on back, fish for it, you just tell them so you can do what you want when you want, etc).  After the talk put the speaker pic in their seat and share what their talk was about. You’ll need 12-15 activities (one per Pres. & Apostle).  Only do the activity when it’s time and you’ll keep their interest all 4 sessions!  Do conference packets as filler.  Each kid has their own “station” (a box/ overturned laundry basket/upside down container) with their own crayons, glue stick, paper, etc.  This gives them their space and keeps them from fighting.  More than just the Apostles speak but the talk time is still covered.  Some apostles speak during Priesthood leaving left over activities to use when you need more time to fill.  Many activities will go longer than just one talk which also fills up the time.  We usually have 3-4 activities left over we don’t get to.  Supplies needed are listed with each activity. Get inspired by these 33 activity ideas: 1.      MORMON TRAIL – Look up church history sites and recreate them with legos, blocks, dominoes straws, etc.    Supplies:  Church History Sites, toys 2.    THIS IS THE PLACE! – Help settle the Salt Lake Valley by making the pioneers’ cabins with lincoln logs, popsicle sticks, blocks, etc.      Supplies:  building toys 3.     PIONEER INVENTIONS – Invent things that would have helped the pioneers using tinkertoys, k’nex etc.      Supplies:  your toys 4.    TEMPLE ARCHITECT – Out of legos, build what the newly announced temple will look like.  Build an ancient Jerusalem temple, tallest temple, etc.  Keep giving the kids new temples to build.  Supplies:  Legos 5.    GOD’S/ GRATEFUL CREATIONS – Think of something God created with you in mind because he knew you would love it.  Shape playdough into it & all the things you are grateful for.  (Do on cookie sheet for easy clean up).      Supplies:  playdough & cookie sheet 6.    BOM CHALK STORIES – Listen to conference outside while you draw your favorite Book of Mormon story with sidewalk chalk.  Could also do this inside with butcher paper or black construction paper, posterboard or bulletin board paper.        Supplies:  sidewalk chalk,...

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