Best Price Tour Opportunities

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Time is Running Out to secure group airfare savings and join with Mormon Heritage Association for two unique tours this May!  Our one-of-a-kind England & Wales tour and our Awesome Israel tour are sure to inspire and satisfy.  Register by Feb 1 for the England & Wales tour to secure your group airfare savings!  Register by April 19 for best availability for our Awesome Israel tour.  Visit our tour pages or call 801-272-5601 or toll free 1-866-335-5601 for more information on these amazing opportunities.  After Feb 1, prices subject to air seat availability and likely higher prices as offered by the...

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Enjoying Christmas Season In Israel

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Cheerful, welcoming sunrise over the Sea of Galilee as seen from hotel room balcony Two MHA groups had the incredible opportunity to visit Awesome Israel toward the end of 2009.  Ninety-nine people were able to attend and had amazing experiences every day.  We all had so much fun getting to know new friends, as well.  The sites are incredible, the history is vast and inspiring, and the people were most welcoming and happy to see us.  We read scriptures at the sites of miracles and gospel principles.  We visited incredible ruins that testify of the ancient people who occupied the land.  We were amazed, humbled, and encouraged at Gethsemane, Golgotha, and the Garden Tomb where our Savior atoned for our sins and was crucified and resurrected in triumph.  We return home with a new appreciation for life and great prophecies yet to be fulfilled.  We look forward to the Savior’s return with great anticipation! – Patty...

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