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The SECOND DAY of Christmas Past answer from yesterday,

Is none other than David O. McKay.

Thank you to those that participated! The winner of 2nd Day’s drawing is Melanie Cosens who won an autographed copy of Joseph Smith’s Kirtland by Karl Anderson.  This book is the most complete church history account of the amazing Kirtland area!

The story behind 2nd Day’s answer is a cute one.  David O. McKay’s son, David Lawrence, said his parents, “were extraordinarily tender grandparents.”  The following is an account of a Christmas memory about his Pres. McKay.

“As the grandchildren multiplied, overflowing the dining room at our annual Christmas Eve parties, Mother and Father set up card tables in the hall and the living room for the grandchildren so that we brothers and sisters and spouses could enjoy dinner with them.  When Teddy Lyn was about eight (Pres. McKay’s granddaughter), she reproached her grandfather after one of these parties:  ‘What were you laughing about?  We couldn’t hear.’

“He looked at her keenly.  ‘Ofcourse, you couldn’t.  And Christmas is for children, isn’t it?’

“At the next Christmas party, the adults were seated around the card tables and the children surrounded the dining room table with their grandparents.”

Find a new special way this season to make a child feel that Christmas is for them!

Taken from:  David Lawrence McKay, My Father, p. 239.

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