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On the 21st Day of Christmas Past, the question is to be: What kind of Christmas did George Albert Smith’s family have one year when he was very sick?

Read the story below:

“One Christmas was especially memorable and provided a valuable teaching moment for the children.  George Albert Smith had been struggling with a long illness that year.  The family budget was stretched, and his wife, Lucy, was worried that she would not be able to provide the sort of Christmas they were used to and still pay the tithing that had accumulated because of her husband’s illness.

She debated over the tough decision – gifts and holiday dinner for the children, or a tithing receipt marked “paid in full.”  In the end, though, she knew that she could not neglect to pay her tithing, and before she could change her mind she hurried to the bishop to make the payment.

As she walked home through the snow, her heart was heavy with the dread of the children’s disappointment.  But as she neared her house, a neighbor unexpectedly stopped her and said, “Just a moment, Sister Smith.  I have been thinking that your expenses have been exceedingly heavy during Brother Smith’s long illness, so I should like very much to have you take this little gift and buy yourself something very special for Christmas.”  Overcome with emotion, she tried to thank him, stuffed the check he had given her in her pocket, and rushed home, her heart pounding with joy and thanksgiving.  At home she was astounded to see that the check was for the exact amount as she had paid in tithing.  Because of the generosity of a neighbor, the Smith Christmas celebration was assured that year.

On Christmas morning, Lucy told the children that this was their “tithing Christmas,” and she impressed upon their minds the rich blessings that come from being honest with the Lord.”

Our blessings don’t always come in just this way but blessings definitely come through paying tithing.  Are we giving the Savior a tithing “marked in full” this year?  Is there someone that we need to follow a prompting, to be their blessing from the Lord?

Taken from:  Laura Willes, Christmas with the Prophets, p. 78.


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  2. A tithing Christmas

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