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Christmas of the Past contest starts today!!! Anyone who comments or shares this post on facebook will be entered into our Grand Prize Tour drawing, those who answer correctly will be put in today’s daily drawing.  For those that don’t have a facebook account you can comment here on our blog to be entered.  The answer and today’s winner will be posted tomorrow morning.  See 11/22 post for exact rules and details.

On the FIRST day of Christmas Past the QUESTION is to be –

1.  Which Latter-day Prophet was born closest to Christmas?


  1. Joseph Smith was the latter-day prophet born closest to Christmas.

  2. Joseph Smith was the Prophet born closest to Christmas, December 23

  3. Joseph Smith 23 December

  4. Joseph Smith was born on Dec. 23

    My husband and I had the priviledge of going on the grand tour in Oct.

    This trip increased my testimony of the gospel and the knowledge of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and Prophet Joseph Smith. I learned to appreciate the saints more. The holy spirit was with us all the way…..

    Thank you Patty and all those that made this trip possible.

  5. Joseph Smith would be my answer. Thanks for the trip in the past.

  6. (I’m one of those weirdos that doesn’t have a Facebook account. I know….)

    Answer: Joseph Smith

  7. The answer to First day of Christmas Past is Joseph Smith who was born

    on December 23, 1805.

  8. Q: Which Latter-day Prophet was born closest to Christmas?

    A: Joseph Smith, Jr. was born closest = December 23, 1805.

    Gordon B. Hinckley was born furthest from Christmas = June 23, 1910; so they are exactly 6 months apart.

  9. Joseph Smith, Jr., born December 23, 1805, is the “Latter-day Prophet” born closest to Christmas Day.

    Mormon Heritage Association trips are THE BEST with never a wasted moment, great food, excellent organization and planning of each day’s events, wonderful guides, and best of all–a spiritual experience never to be forgotten.

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