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Question 10th Day Christmas Past:  What was one of the greatest lessons Harold B. Lee’s daughters learned from their parents?

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Pres. Harold B. Lee asked his two daughters if they would like to participate in a special project and help a family for Christmas.  The Depression was still raging, and many families continued to struggle.  Before they answered, their father cautioned them, “Remember, it would mean that you two would not have as many gifts as in the past.  And for the family, we would not have so fancy a dinner, either.”

The girls didn’t hesitate.  Helen and Maurine were excited to be part of this Christmas surprise.  They found some dolls they no longer played with and began to make them look like new.  They styled the dolls’ hair and painted their faces, and their aunt made beautiful new clothes for them.  They went through their many things and chose other games and toys that could be repaired and cleaned up to give away.  Their mother, meanwhile, was busy making pies and cooking a turkey for dinner.  It soon came time to deliver the Christmas gifts and food they had prepared.  One of the girls said that at the moment they had to put their dearly loved dolls into the arms of their new “mothers,” they were somewhat reluctant and needed a nudge from their mother.  But they did it, and then the Christmas miracle happened.  Helen said, “When we saw how happy those under privileged little girls were with our dolls, we felt a joy and pride that we could add to their happiness on this Christmas Eve.”

The girls agreed that it was one of the greatest lessons their parents had ever taught them – that sharing and caring for the needs of others always brings the greatest happiness.

Taken from:

Laura Willes, “Christmas with the Prophets,” p. 115-116


  1. The lesson they learned that Christmas Eve, was that it is better to give than to receive. The joy they saw in the little girls eyes had to fill their hearts with great love for our savior Jesus Christ and to be able celebrate his birth by giving.

  2. Teaching our children that it is better to give than receive is not always easy. I like the fact that the Lee family involved their children in this project and that the children not only helped prepare the gifts but had the opportunity to sacrifice and give something that was theirs.

  3. President Lee’s daughters learned that sharing and caring for others is one of the greatest gifts that can be given. They learned this from the example their parents set.

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