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4th-Christmas-Past-Logo-webOn the 7th Day Christmas Past, the true reason for the coming of Jesus Christ into the world!

Question:  How does a poem Eliza R. Snow wrote while traveling to Jerusalem help us ponder the connection between the Savior’s birth and the Savior’s Atonement?

Elder Lorenzo Snow and his sister Eliza R Snow were called to participate in the rededication of Palestine.  The group led by President George A. Smith departed Salt Lake City on October 26, 1872.  While en route to the holy land the party toured the European continent. President Smith’s party arrived in Nice, France on December 24.  George A Smith detailed the tour that Eliza R. Snow and others participated in as they visited various locations in Nice on Christmas Day:

“Touring with Lorenzo Snow, Eliza R Snow, Faramorz Little, Miss Clara Little, and Paul A Schettler.  Took a drive through Nice and vicinity romantic[ally] situated between hills & vallies. Handsom bay, red rocky soil, rendered lovely by the hand of patient toil.  The day was pleasant, the gardens green, variegated flowers abundant, orange groves loaded with golden fruit, contrasted beautifully with the deep dark foliage, while the lemon trees, also loaded with fruit, and the olive forests all combined to make a green contrast, never before witnessed by me on Christmas Day.  About 200 guests adorned our table at Tagle d’hotel which commenced with a good soup, & after 12 courses wound up with ice cream & roasted chesnots. The sitting lasted 1 1/2 hours .”

New Year’s Eve found the party in Milan Italy. In anticipation of their arrival in Jerusalem, Eliza Snow devoted a stanza of an expansive poem entitled “The Year 1872” to the topic of Jesus Christ. In this stanza, Eliza emphasizes the great love in the Savior’s atoning sacrifice and looks forward to the time when Christ will come again:

“I go to place my feet upon the land

Where once the Prince of Peace the Son of God

Was born – where once He lived and walk’d and preach’d,

And prayed, admonished, taught, rebuked, and bled;

And then, to answer justice’ great demand,

And seal his mission of Eternal Love,

Upon the cross poured out his precious blood –

Arose to life triumphant o’er the tomb;

And after being seen and heard and felt,

Ascended up to heaven; and as He went,

Those who stood looking, heard and angel say,

Ye men of of Gallilee why stand ye here

Gazing to heaven? The selfsame Jesus, whom

Ye see ascending, in like manner will

Again descend.”

The company continued on to Jerusalem. On Sunday, March 2, 1873 in a tent that had been pitched on the Mount of Olives by previous arrangement, President George A Smith led in humble, fervent supplication, dedicating the land of Palestine, and returning heartfelt thanks and gratitude to God for the fulness of the Gospel and the blessings bestowed on the Latter-day Saints.

Taken from:  Larry C. Porter, “Remembering Christmas Past Presidents of the Church Celebrate the Birth of the Son of Man and Remember His Servant Joseph Smith”, p. 15-18.  Found https://ojs.lib.byu.edu/spc/index.php/BYUStudies/article/viewFile/6804/6453


  1. In her poem, Eliza R. Snow began by telling of the Savior’s birth, then explained his earthly mission. Her poem explains how He atoned for each of us and finally his resurrection, making it possible for us to live forever. Her poem encompasses the life and mission of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

  2. Eliza R Snow’s poem reminds us why Jesus Christ was born. Jesus had a mission to do – he taught and then He died so we will all live again.

  3. How can you have one without the other. The birth of the Savior means compassion, love and most of all forgiveness. Three great principals to live by. The atonement the Savior atone for or sins to make it possible to have eternal life. Two great events that we need to remember each day and make it part of our everyday living. Sister Snow reminds us of these blessings in her poem

  4. How wonderful for Eliza R Snow to participate in that blessed event. She actually tied in all of the Savior’s life – from birth through life and his atoning sacrifice for us. What a special occasion for all – to be there for that dedication and ponder all our Savior did for us!

  5. “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given.” Isaiah 9:6. Eliza’s poem reminds us that the child is born and the son is given “unto us.”

  6. His birth was a gift through his teachings and the things he did, and his atonement was him dying for our sins making it possible for eternal life.

  7. Eliza R Snow’s beautiful poem about the Savior reminds me that the birth of Jesus Christ,his mission, his infinite atonement and resurrection are all connected. Together, these acts of love performed by our Savior, Jesus Christ, enables us to have eternal life. He is “our” gift from a loving Heavenly Father.

  8. Eliza Snow is so gifted in her writings through out church history so the way she tells of Christ”s birth and his gift of atonement for us all is priceless. We’ve all be given great gifts!

  9. Without the atonement, that supreme sacrifice, the babe of Bethlehem would have been just another child born into humble circumstances in a politically difficult time. But He was called to “seal His mission of Eternal love” for us, which makes the message of Christmas truly “tidings of great joy.”

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