8th Day Christmas Past Question & Story

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4th-Christmas-Past-Logo-webOn the 8th Day Christmas Past, simple Christmas fun.

Question:  What two things did the Joesph Fielding Smith family look forward to at Christmas time?

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Christmas Oranges

Amelia, daughter of Pres. Joseph Fielding Smith, shared two of her favorite family Christmas enjoyments. She recalls:

“At Christmas father might tell us stories about when he was a little boy.  Father and Mother saw that each of their children got an orange and an apple a candy cane and maybe some other little candy in their stockings.  Oranges were a special treat.  The only time we got oranges ordinarily was when somebody got sick, and then dad thought that oranges were good medicine, when you were sick, and then he’d sit and peel the orange, and feed us one section at a time.   Father made sure that we ate it.

Music was a part of our Christmas celebrations.  Father liked good music.  And one of the first Christmases I can remember was when he got… some records and he’d play them, and then he’d dance around. We had this old Victrola that had to wind up this way to play.  Dad would dance to the music, if it was a march he’d march around, if it was a dance, he’d he d do a little jig, things like that. As Christmas came to a close, the family would gather together and sing.  We sang Christmas carols and we sang hymns… then he’d say well alright now it’s time to go to bed and so he’d shew us up to bed.”

Two incredibly simple things that left unforgettable impressions.  Challenge: Include a special, one time a year treat into your celebrations.

Taken from:  Larry C. Porter, “Remembering Christmas Past Presidents of the Church Celebrate the Birth of the Son of Man and Remember His Servant Joseph Smith”, p. 43-44.


  1. The family looked forward to oranges and music. My family loves those same two things although I have to admit that oranges aren’t so rare for us. I would loved to have seen Pres. Smith marching or doing a jig!! Christmas without music just would not be Christmas. I hope that when I get to heaven I can sing Christmas carols at Christmas time!!

  2. They enjoyed a treat of oranges and also music on the Victrola! A favorite memory of mine is also the Christmas orange in the tie of my stocking.

  3. President Joseph Fielding Smith enjoyed oranges and good music at Christmastime. Those are two of the things that remind me of Christmases when I was younger. Even though those things can be enjoyed all year round now, it takes me back to my childhood and the special treat of an orange in my stocking. My father loved Christmas and always had Christmas music playing on the record player or radio at Christmastime.

  4. The two things that Joseph Fielding Smith looked forward to each christmas were oranges and music. Two things that make the Christmas season. Oranges were always apart of our stockings as I was growing up. It’s funny how important our stockings lying by the fireplace were to us. Of course it’s the Christmas music that brings the holiday season alive.

  5. Their stockings being filled, especially with oranges, which were a special treat. The second thing was music. Music and dancing were a huge part of their celebrations !

  6. When I grew up we always got an orange at the bottom of our stockings… It seemed special to me then. The Smiths also enjoyed good music on their old Victrola

  7. Joseph Fielding Smith’s home was filled with music and oranges at Christmas time. Christmas music is so beautiful and focuses our Savior, Jesus Christ. Oranges were a treasured gift found in the Christmas stockings. What great family traditions. The Christmas music and oranges made for special, Christmases memories-years later.

  8. An orange for each child and a houseful of music. Sounds like heaven to me.

  9. Oranges n music. Oranges must be everyone’s stocking treat! My grandma gave us oranges too

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