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4th-Christmas-Past-Logo-webToday we will draw out this year’s winner of our Grand Prize, a trip on our Palmyra to Kirtland Church History Tour!!  If you would like one last entry share your favorite Christmas memory or tradition.  You have until 4:00 pm Eastern time for it to be included in our grand prize drawing.



  1. Let’s see how do I pinpoint just one favorite Christmas tradition. Maybe I’ll pick one with my own son. One year we were in Yuma Az. With my sister and her husband and grandma. We were doing last minute christmas shopping at the swap meet. We were looking for stocking stuffers when Chad spoke up and said that’s my job I’ll take care of that. Being a young adult at the time and knowing that is what he would do for me every christmas my sister decide to let Chad fill the stockings. After we all went to bed he went out and filled each one of our stockings with fun little useful trinkets. Even though this was a simple thing the love and joy he brought to us that Christmas moring was joy of delight. It’s a Christmas we still all remember and talk about.. You see Chad had a disability but full of the Christmas spirit. Now that his is not with me but serving his own mission in heaven. I picture him doing the same thing, spreading love and joy to all up there.

  2. This year in what I hope becomes a Christmas tradition, I sang traditional villaincicos (Spanish Christmas carols) with our local Spanish-speaking branch, complete with bells, tambourine, and castanets. Such a spirited way to celebrate the Savior’s birth.

  3. My traditions have changed from the time I was a child to a parent and now to a grandparent and empty nester, but always the most memorable times have included the story of the first Christmas. When I was a child, it was being in pageants in Sunday School. As a parent, our children loved to dress up and act out the story, and always, always the story was read from the scriptures many times during the season. Our grandchldren enjoy doing the same. Now, after the family gatherings, gift delivering, etc., I enjoy once again on Christmas Eve reading and pondering again that beautiful story. I also have a memory book dedicated to my husband. After his death 21 years ago, I started writing him a letter each Christmas Eve or Christmas night relating our family’s experiences during the year. Besides expressing my feelings for him, it serves as a journal of yearly family activities and helps me feel that he’s part of them.

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