Glimpse of the Past – LDS Church History Feb 16-23

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February 19, 1793 – Sidney Rigdon is born in St. Clair, Pennsylvania.

February 22, 1811 – Ezra T. Benson, the great-grandfather of President Ezra Taft Benson, was born in Mendon, Worcester Co., Mass.

February 19, 1835 – The Prophet Joseph and others continue in their Hebrew school.  Prof. Seixas seemed pleased with their progress and spent a good part of the day conversing with the prophet on religion.

February 22, 1836 – The sisters at Kirtland met in the Lord’s House to commence their work of making the veil for that building.

February 23, 1839 – About this time Sidney Rigdon was released from prison in Liberty jail, Mo., on bail.

February 22, 1861 – Apostle Orson Pratt submits to the Mathematical Monthly (Cambridge, Massachusetts) a series of problems concerning mathematical laws relating to the origin of the solar system. The paper ceased its publication due to the pending war and Pratt never heard back about his manuscript.

Taken from: History of the Church & Church Chronology by Andrew Jenson

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