Glimpse of the Past – LDS Church History Jan 1-5

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Jan 2, 1830 (Saturday) – Abner Cole, editor of The Reflector, begins publishing pirated extracts from the Book of Mormon, which is in the process of being printed at the Grandin press building, the same building used by Cole to print his newspaper.  This marks the first time Book of Mormon text appears in print.

January 5, 1831 (Wednesday) – Oliver Cowdery and fellow-missionaries arrived in Jackson County, Missouri, where they commenced their mission among the Lamanites on its western border.

January 1841 – The first number of the Gospel Reflector, a semi-monthly periodical published in the interest of the Church, was issued in Philadelphia, Pa.; Benjamin Winchester, editor.

Jan 2, 1882 (Monday) – President John Taylor moves into the Gardo House build as the official residence of the President of the Church.

Jan 2, 1954 (Saturday) – President David O. McKay leaves New York for London en route to the South African, South American, and Central American missions, making him the first President of the Church to visit these areas.

January 4, 1905 (Wednesday) – The Dr. Groves Latter-day Saints hospital in Salt Lake City was dedicated by Pres. Joseph F. Smith; the hospital was opened for the reception of patients Monday Jan. 9, 1905.

Taken from Andrew Jenson’s:  Church Chronology

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