Glimpse of the Past – LDS Church History Jan 13-19

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January 18, 1827 (Thursday) – Joseph Smith, jun., married Emma Hale, a daughter of Isaac Hale, while in the employ of Josiah Stoal, in Chenango County, N. Y.

January 16, 1838 (Tuesday) – The Prophet Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon, with their families, began their journey to Far West, Missouri, in covered wagons to join with the Saints there.  Their families had arrived in Norton Township, Ohio, about 36 hours after Joseph and Sidney were forced to flee Kirtland, Ohio, in the middle of the night.  Their pursuers continued to look for them for several days.  Once they were in the same house with their pursuers staying in the room next to the Prophets family.  Another time they were stopped by them, but the men decided they were not who they were looking for.

January 19, 1841 (Tuesday) – The Saints were commanded by revelation to build a Temple at Nauvoo, Ill., and also a “boarding house” for the accommodation of strangers, which subsequently became known as the Nauvoo House. The general authorities of the Church and other officers were named in the revelation, which also contains important explanations on the order of the Priesthood. (Doc. and Cov., Sec. 124.)

January 16, 1844 (Tuesday) – The Nauvoo city council met with Francis M. Higbee and worked out a reconciliation between the Prophet Joseph and Higbee.  The Prophet forgave him for the slanderous letter he had written and Francis Higbee stated he was the Prophet’s “friend for ever, and his right-hand man.”

January 16, 1981 (Friday) – Esther W. Eggertsen Peterson, a national consumer rights advocate and consumer affairs advisor to U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson, becomes the first Latter-day Saint to be honored with the U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom.  She was awarded the honor by U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

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