Glimpse of the Past – LDS Church History July 25-31

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July 27, 1840 -Apostle John Taylor sailed from Liverpool for Ireland to open the door of the gospel in that country.

July 30, 1844 – Samuel H. Smith, brother of the Prophet, died at Nauvoo, as a martyr to persecution.

July 25, 1847– Religious services were held for the first time in Great Salt Lake Valley. Geo. A. Smith preached the first public discourse and the Sacrament was administered there for the first time.

July 26, 1847 -Pres. Young and others ascended what is now known as Ensign Peak, north of Salt Lake City, and name it.

July 27, 1847 – Some Ute Indians visited the Pioneer camp. The Twelve and a few others started west from the Pioneer camp on an exploring expedition. Crossing the stream which forms the outlet of Utah lake, they named it the Jordan river, and then proceeded to Black Rock, eighteen miles further, where the company took a bath in the lake.

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