Glimpse of the Past – LDS Church History June 9-15

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July 10, 1804 – Emma Hale Smith, wife of the Prophet Joseph Smith and first president of the Nauvoo Female Relief Society, is born in Harmony, Pennsylvania.

July 1839 – Much sickness prevailed among the Saints at Commerce, which at that time was a very unhealthful place, but many of them were miraculously healed by the power of God.

July 1840 – The first British edition of the Latter-day Saints’ Hymn Book was published in England.

July 11, 1840 – Apostle Geo. A. Smith ordained and set apart Wm. Barratt at Burslem, Staffordshire, England, for a mission to South Australia. He was the first missionary to that country.

July 10, 1847 – The pioneer company meets Miles Goodyear who was camped nearby.  He was the first white farmer in what is now Utah.  He lived near the Weber River in what is today the city of Ogden.  He assured the pioneers that crops would grow and mature in the Great Basin valleys.

Taken from Andrew Jenson’s:  Church Chronology

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