Glimpse of the Past – LDS Church History May 25-31

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May 25, 1829 – Samuel Harrison Smith, who had come to visit his brother Joseph at Harmony, was baptized by Oliver Cowdery.

May 25, 1829 – A few days later Hyrum Smith visited Harmony to make enquiries about the work of God, and received through his brother Joseph a revelation, calling him to assist in the work. (Doc. and Cov., Sec. 11.)

May 27, 1840 – Bishop Edward Partridge died at Nauvoo, 46 years old. He lost his life in consequence of the Missouri persecutions.

May 27, 1840 – The first number of The Latter-day Saints’ Millennial Star was published at Manchester, England; Apostle Parley P. Pratt, editor.

May 30, 1845 – The murderers of Joseph and Hyrum Smith were acquitted by the jury at Carthage, although every one who witnessed the trial was satisfied of their guilt.

Taken from Andrew Jenson’s:  Church Chronology

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