LDS Church History Tours

Tour I: Palmyra-Kirtland tour 3

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Mormon Heritage Association offers unique, modestly-priced LDS Church history tours.

Sites are relived in historical order so complex history is easily followed.  In the spirit of a fine gospel doctrine class, inspiring history is taught right where it happened!  Each day begins with a hymn and a prayer on the bus and ends in the same, inspiring way.

Goose-bumpy, spiritual participation opportunities are offered to tour members.

Some are given scriptures to read at sacred sites, prophesying glorious future events.  Some represent historical figures such as Emma Smith, Oliver Cowdery, Martin Harris, Mary Fielding, and others, by presenting rehearsed scripts recounting their struggles, hopes, sorrows, faith, courage and blessings we have received as a result.  Some tour members read inspiring historical accounts as we visit the sites where they occurred.  Others bless or serve food, conduct hymns, or assist those who need help with their luggage.  And some simply prefer to “observe.”  These tours can be and have been life-changing and priority-changing for countless tour members. We know of at least 70 couples (we lost count!) who decided to serve missions at places such as Independence, Adam-ondi-Ahman, Nauvoo, Palmyra, Kirtland after participating in one of these tours.  Pending divorces have been called off, young people have experienced a change of heart and returned home to submit mission applications–every tour member is deeply affected by experiencing this history at these sacred sites.  One senior couple, who met on one of these tours, married in the temple a few months later.  Another single adult two-some met on a tour and were married in the Salt Lake Temple.

A tour priority is effective use of time so that you get to do more of what you came for and in less time without being rushed.  For example, all meals are included in the tour price so that they can be pre-arranged, and ready when we arrive!  Over the course of a tour, this saves hours over your having to decide where to eat, get waited on, food prepared & served, eat and then pay the bill.  Most tour members praise the food.  In fact, they praise the whole tour!  Some do the same tour a second time and take along loved ones so they can have the same experience.  Many have written letters of appreciation.  And the good word is spreading abroad, too!  Church members have flown all the way from England, Scotland, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and India just to have the unforgettable, inspiring experience of a Mormon Heritage Tour!  The last question remaining is only, “Which tour will be your first?”

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