Dates/Days – Monday, August 6, 2018 through Saturday, August 11, 2018Six incredible days – five heavenly nights at a gorgeous bed-and-breakfast-type motel.   

Special features

Enjoyable and inspiring, in-depth study of visions, miracles, Joseph Smith, the many Doctrine & Covenants revelations received in the Kirtland area with fabulous author, lecturer, patriarch Karl Ricks Anderson.  He is the world’s leading authority on Kirtland’s spiritual history as well as other church history settlements nearby: Amherst, Mentor, Fairport Harbor, Painesville, Hiram, Mantua, etc.

Of Karl Anderson, it has been “authoritatively” said:  “Kirtland is not the same place when you’re there without him.  With him, you see the vision of that marvelous community and the Pentecostal outpouring of the power of the Spirit of God.”  President Hinckley enthusiastically dubbed him, “Mr. Kirtland!”

Karl’s two books, Joseph Smith’s Kirtland and his more recent book, The Savior in Kirtland are immense treasures to understanding this crucial era of the Church in its infancy.  The Saints’ time in Kirtland was a time of learning, great revelation, heavenly manifestations and visitations as well as the initial period of gathering the Saints.  By far, more sections of the Doctrine and Covenants and heavenly visitations took place here than all other sites.

Per Karl Anderson: “The real value of the book, The Savior in Kirtland, is being able to study it on-site.  We will dig into the scriptures of what the Savior said about himself at the sites.”

A 2016 Deseret News article gives a little more insight into this wonderful person:

Brother Anderson will present his lively seminars on the following:

An Introduction to Historic Kirtland

Understanding Sidney Rigdon and His Mission of Preparation

How the Lord Prepared “The Ohio”

Joseph and Emma’s Arrival and Residences

The Lord’s Purposes for Ohio

Events and Revelations at the Whitney Home

The Beginnings of our Missouri Church History Period

Joseph & Emma’s Six Months on the Morley Farm

Joseph’s Court Trials and Harassment

Events and Revelations at the Johnson Home

The Tar & Feathering of Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon

A Detail Look at One Year in Joseph & Emma’s Life

A Celestial View thru the Eyes of Abraham, Moses and “The Vision”

Joseph’s Development as a Prophet

Missouri Church History & Its Tie to Kirtland

The Mummies and Joseph’s Translation of the Book of Abraham

A Review of the Lectures on Faith

Joseph Smith’s Bible Translation

Background, Timeline, Key Events – Kirtland Temple

A Conference is Held in Amherst

The Spaulding Manuscript and the Book of Mormon

Putting the Kirtland Temple in Perspective

The Pentecostal Season in the Kirtland Temple

Understanding the Kirtland Endowment with Power

Fairport Harbor – Port of the Early Saints

Kirtland’s Final Days

The Prophecies and their Fulfillment about the Rebuilding of Kirtland

The Rebuilding of Kirtland

The Savior in Kirtland
undeniable first-hand accounts of the Savior’s visitations and teachings/tutoring to the Saints in holy settings
at the sites where these took place!

WOW! What a wonderful list of powerful presentations!  These were exciting events in these early days of the Church–you don’t want to miss out on this unique opportunity to experience them with THE expert on this history.

Each day starts with an inspiring hymn and a prayer and ends the same way.  Throughout the days, Karl Anderson will present information pertinent to the sites & areas you visit as well as of the remarkable people who lived there.  His delightful manner will uplift and inspire you while you discover the growth of these early saints who faithfully set out to build up the Lord’s restored gospel and kingdom on the earth.

Returning tour members are at a loss to express their tender feelings about this wonderful week.  It’s simply something you have to experience for yourself!


Delicious breakfast – served on china!  Tasty, convenient lunches.  Wonderful, unique dinners such as a delicious, home-made meal with Amish family!  All meals are included in tour price.

This tour is a marvelous opportunity available on a
first-come, first-served basis–register today!

Tour IDDates/DaysPrice if One per roomPrice each if Two per roomPrice each if Three per roomPrice each if Four per roomComments
KA22August 6-11, 2018
6 days
$2095$1790$1665$1585Tour conducted by Kirtland expert Karl Ricks Anderson.
5 nights at a gorgeous B&B-type motel.

Tour price includes:  SLC airfare (other cities by request or credit if not needed), all meals, very nice lodging, charter bus, group admissions, and expert guide services.  Bus driver tip $3/day per person is encouraged and additional.  (Once group seats are ticketed, price subject to current market airfare prices for like or similar flights; call for details inside of 45 days before departure.)

Traveling alone?  Would you like help finding a roommate to decrease your tour price?  Let us know when you REGISTER and we’ll do what we can to connect you with a compatible roommate.  You might just make a new, long-lasting friendship!


“All in all, it was by far the best tour I have been on!  We gained an understanding of the scriptures and this history that we could not have gained any other way.  I highly recommend this to anyone!”  Lyle Persch

“There are no words to describe our feelings about the Kirtland trip.  It was fantastic in so many ways.  Karl’s lectures were outstanding.  Our own testimonies of the Savior and the Prophet Joseph Smith have increased dramatically.  We will never be the same.  We gained new insight on Sidney Rigdon, Emma Smith, and the Community of Christ.  We have a better understanding of their roles in Kirtland.  Of course, our visit to the Kirtland Temple was a definite highlight.  We felt the spirit there and are grateful to those who care for the temple.”  Gary & Katherine Thornley

“It was the most wonderful experience we’ve had in many years.  Everyone was so agreeable, it was hard to leave at the end.  It was a fantastic deal.  We enjoyed Karl & Joyce Anderson very much! It was excellent!” Darrell & Betsy Oborn

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