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Awesome Israel!

Incredible sites–Inspiring presentations–
A life-changing experience!

Travel off-season for low crowds, best rates…

Perfect times of year to go!  Low season winter travel means no crowds and bargain prices at fine hotels.  Perfectly moderate – November thru February temperatures are usually 60s-mid-70 degrees Fahrenheit daytime, low 50s at night.  May/June temperatures usually in the 80s to 90s.


Tour dates:
-NOVEMBER 24-DECEMBER 7, 2017 – 14-day tour, 12 nights in Israel
-FEBRUARY 9-21, 2018 – 13-day tour, 11 nights in Israel
-MAY 4-16, 2018 – 13-day tour, 11 nights in Israel
-JUNE 8-20, 2018 – 13-day tour, 11 nights in Israel
-NOVEMBER 23-DECEMBER 6, 2018 – 14-day tour, 12 nights in Israel

Ask about options to visit PETRA in Jordan pre- or post-tour, any tour date!

BYU Center is open! And well it should be!  Obviously, our Church leadership agrees or they would not send hundreds of our choice young people there to study and travel the country on field trips.  THESE ARE THE DATES TO GO–The sites are NOT as crowded which allows for freedom of movement and extra opportunities to enjoy the sites in a peaceful way and without the crush of throngs of people at the sites.  You’ll LOVE it!

Superb tour at modest cost

This vigorously-paced tour is led by our expert guides who have years of experience hosting thousands of delighted tour members at sacred places and they especially love Israel.  All have had many years of dedicated church service & study.  They include church Institute and gospel doctrine teachers, former bishops, stake presidents, Relief Society/Young Women presidents, etc.  They understand why you come and present the right things in the right ways to assure the experience you hope for.  In addition to expert MHA guides traveling with you from beginning to end, there will also be on board a hand-picked, licensed, Israeli guide who is adept at the various languages, current goings-on, new opportunities, and local customs.  At the sites and on the bus, well-prepared presentations will be given by the tour guides and tour members describing the remarkable events and sites we’ll be discovering.  Participants must be physically able to climb stairs, hills, walk distances, traverse outdoor terrain, and endure wonderfully site-filled days.  We’ll use portable earphone/headsets at the sites thus allowing for ideal communication between you and your guides.   People everywhere show a warm, sincere appreciation that we would come at a time when so many others are afraid and choose to stay home–don’t miss out!


“I am still on a spiritual high.  Even being back at work hasn’t taken the glow away.  It’s wonderful to share with [family and friends] some of the amazing things we did.  Thanks for organizing such a wonderful trip and for being with us.  It was an experience I’ll always remember.”  Jan McBride

“Very rewarding.  We are now able to place a mental image with those mentioned in the scriptures.  We experienced times of inspiration and many times contemplation.  We return home much more thoughtful about our personal heritage as members of the House of Israel.”  Bruce & Suzanne Sorensen

“Of the many trips we have taken, this will always be our favorite.  Every experience was meaningful.”  Frances Patterson

“As I sat in the BYU Center partaking of the sacrament and looking out over Jerusalem, tears of love and gratitude streamed down my face in appreciation for our Savior’s sacrifice in my behalf.  This was truly an experience that I will always cherish!”  Janet Forbush

“A wonderful experiences to be in the places we have read about all of our lives and we feel increased appreciation and love for Jesus.”  Miriam & Bob Winegar

“It was the Tour of a Lifetime!”  Gayle & Bob Sims

“One cannot visit the Holy Land without gaining a desire to live closer to their Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.  Everything about the tour was just wonderful, our guides were SUPER, SUPER GREAT.  The ‘Awesome Israel Tour’ was just that, ‘Awesome,’ and I loved every minute of it.   Jane Beagley

“It was amazing!  I’ll be referring everyone to Mormon Heritage–what a great program!”  Liz Carlston

“Wonderful!  We’re still on cloud nine.”  Mark & Carolyn Zaugg

Accommodations & Food

Our groups have unanimously praised the food and the hotels.  All hotels are clean, comfortable, and convenient.  The food is exceptionally good and so is the variety!  Breakfasts and dinners are elaborate, cultural buffets at the hotels.  Lunches are unique, regional delights–and ALL meals are included in tour price!  You will be amazed at the quality and size of the fresh produce grown there.

Tour IDDates, DaysPrice if One per roomPrice each if Two per roomPrice each if Three per roomGuides and Tour Comments 
IS42Feb 9-21, 2018
with SLC air
with SLC air
with SLC air
11 days IN Israel! Hosted by Patty Steadman (MHA President) & Ron Millburn (retired CES)
IS44May 4-16, 2018
with SLC air
with SLC air
with SLC air
Option to visit Petra pre-tour with MHA guide.
11 days IN Israel!
Hosted by Robb & Melissa Hoch (CES teacher & MHA staff, respectively).
IS45June 8-20, 2018
with SLC air
with SLC air
with SLC air
11 days IN Israel! Warm summer weather. Hosted by Logan & Cyndy Zemp with Patty Steadman
IS46Nov 23-Dec 6, 2018
("bonus day" in Galilee)
with SLC air
with SLC air
with SLC air
12 days IN Israel! Pre-Christmas highlights! Hosted by Patty Steadman and Ron Millburn

Ask about options to visit PETRA in Jordan pre- or post-tour, any tour date!


Register for a Tour

Prices are per person by number of people sharing hotel roomPrice includes: round-trip SLC air (including current fees and taxes; other departure cities by request.  GROUP AIR AVAILABLE up to 30 days prior to departure or until full; after 30 days, air price subject to current market)all meals (except airports), deluxe charter bus, very nice lodging, group admissions, expert MHA guide services, as well as bus driver and local guide fees and tips.  It’s a fantastic deal and an awesome experience!  POSTED PRICE IS ALL YOU PAY!  Dare to compare!
Maximum 3 persons per room.  REGISTER by 90 days prior to departure to guarantee above pricing; after 90 days, price possibly subject to air availability–call for details.  (Once group seats are ticketed, price subject to current market airfare prices for like or similar flights; call for details inside of 30 days before departure.)
Generous credit if you don’t need our air transportation–call for details 801-272-5601.
MHA reserves the right to make changes as necessary.
$200 per person secures your reservation on a first-come, first-served basis.  Balance due six weeks before departure.  Credit cards by telephone 801-272-5601 or mail checks to:  Mormon Heritage Association, 2367 W Goldenpointe Way, West Jordan UT 84088
Passport required (valid at least 6 months beyond tour date).  Application process can take 3-8 weeks, please apply right away!  Notify Mormon Heritage Association upon signup if you are NOT a US Citizen (for government regulations).
Traveling alone?  Would you like help finding a roommate to decrease your tour price?  Let us know when you REGISTER and we’ll do what we can to connect you with a compatible roommate.  You might just make a new, long-lasting friendship!
Fit to Travel – registrants accept the responsibility for being in good health and able to walk distances, climb stairs, and be able to independently travel well.  Sites may not always be accessible to the physically challenged–those needing ambulatory assistance will find the tour extremely limiting to their experiences.

Register online or by telephone 801-272-5601
or toll-free 866-335-5601 (within US)

Standard “Awesome Israel” tours visit the following sites

Joppa Port – Jonah departed for encounter with the whale.  Crucial ancient sea port.  Beginning of Jewish rebellion against the Romans.  Immense crusader fortresses & battles, Peter’s vision regarding great sheet and unclean animals to be eaten, Cornelius, etc.  (Visited as airline on-time arrival allows.)

Netanya – Beautiful city on the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea, 40 miles north of Joppa.  Incredible Orson Hyde Square commemorating Orson Hyde’s dedicatory prayer also honorary olive trees planted with respect to each of the latter-day prophets from Joseph Smith thru Thomas S. Monson!  First hotel night.

Caesarea – Huge, elaborate, exciting ruins of an ancient Roman city right on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.  Peter lived here as did Cornelius.  Paul was prisoner for at least a year.  Built by King Herod.  Roman theatre, chariot racing hippodrome, Crusader fortress, moat, remains of an incredible aqueduct, etc.

Haifa German Cemetery – Graves of two early Mormon Missionaries from the late 1800s, helped prove the LDS Church already had a presence in the land when Israel became an independent state in 1948.  We stop here to honor the selfless service of these men and the sacrifice of their families.

Baha’i Shrine Park and Grounds – Beautiful, immaculately-groomed gardens.  High on a hill overlooking the busy port city of Haifa.

Mt. Carmel – Where Elijah had his exciting duel with the Priests of Baal.  Complete account enthusiastically read from the bible.  Overlooks the Valley of Armageddon; we’ll discuss incredible Armageddon prophecies while overlooking where this great, final battle will take place at the Lord’s second coming!

Megiddo – Drive by the most famous, strategic battlefield in the world with an amazing past–future battlefield, too.  NOTE: Nov/Dec 2017 tour will visit this site!

Nazareth – Home of Joseph and Mary and for most of 30 years the scene of the Savior’s life.  Jesus’ followers were called Nazarenes.  Visit the Church of the Annunciation built over the “traditional” cave where it is believed the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary announcing the pending birth of our Savior.  Also visit the Church of St Joseph with Christian baptismal font.  Step back in time at “Nazareth Village” to experience first-century living–weavers, craftsmen, olive press, farming, and a replica synagogue.

Tiberias – Thriving modern city on the west side of the Sea of Galilee.  Take an evening stroll to town for a little shopping and night-life.  3 hotel nights.

Galilee Boat Ride – Jesus walks on the water, calms the sea.  Recount these marvelous events on board a beautiful, wooden boat built especially for this purpose by dear, Jewish friends.  Feel the majesty of this amazing lake and ponder of our Savior and his disciples traveling these waters.

Magdala – Home of Mary Magdalene.  Jesus came here after feeding the 4,000.  Recently-opened excavation site (with recent unique finds and ancient history–synagogue, market, homes (it’s a great treasure-trove!).

Mount of the Beatitudes – Each of the Beatitudes will be read by a tour member at this site, overlooking the peaceful Sea of Galilee.  Sermon on the Mount site – compare New Testament and Book of Mormon accounts.  Beautiful setting.

Capernaum – Jesus performed more miracles of healings and restorations here than any other place.  Peter the fisherman lived here.  Jesus lived with him much of the time he was in Galilee.  See ruins of synagogue built over a first-century synagogue foundation where the Lord likely preached and performed many miracles.

Peter’s Primacy, Tabgha – Sites dedicated to the Lord’s teachings, feedings, post-mortal appearance, and admonitions.  Located along the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee

Caesarea Phillippi/Mt. Hermon – “Who do men say that I am?”  “Thou art the Christ.”  Likely the site of the Savior’s transfiguration.

Ruins of City of Dan – Marked the northern limit of the land of Israel.  The largest of all the springs that make up the sources of the Jordan River.  See water gushing forth from these natural underground springs.

Tel Hazor – We drive by this site as we discuss how 21 (or more) levels of building over previous civilizations creates this “hill.”  Hazor was a powerful Canaanite city destroyed by Joshua.

Beit-Shean – Excavated ancient city–impressive!  Recently-uncovered Roman-period ruins that surpass those found in Italy or Greece.  Saul’s and his sons’ bodies were hung from the walls of this city by the Philistines; valiant Israelites gave the bodies a proper burial.

Jericho – City of Palm Trees.  Walled city ruled by a king.  Joshua’s spies went to Jericho, walls fell, captured and cursed by Joshua.  Jesus taught here, too.  Great view of the traditional “Mt of Temptation.”

Jordan River – Enjoy an up-close and personal visit to the banks of the Jordan River, near Jordan, near Bethany-beyond-Jordan at a baptismal site set up for commemorating Jesus’ baptism by John the Baptist.  This site is likely very near where “Jesus came to John the Baptist in Judea long ago, and was baptized by immersion in the river Jordan’s flow.”  Discuss the scriptural account, ponder, picture this ancient event, dip your feet into the water of this very sacred river which, at this point, is the boundary between the countries of Israel and Jordan.

Dead Sea – “Take a float” in the beautiful, extremely buoyant, mineral & salt water at the Dead Sea.  People come from all over the world to experience the rejuvenating effects of the mineral-rich water and mud baths.  (It’s very different from the Great Salt Lake.)  Enjoy a night of lavish accommodations at a deluxe resort on the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth.  Palatial spas, fine cuisine, fresh-water and salt-water pools, saunas–fancy!

Qumran – Greco-Roman name of the former biblical City of Salt (or “Salt Lake City”).  Dead Sea Scrolls discovered here (likely the Biblical scrolls kept & hidden by the Essenes).  Many caves visible from the viewing platforms along with recently-uncovered ruins of the Essene sect.

Masada – Walled “winter palace” fortress of Herod the Great on a high mesa in the wilderness near the Dead Sea.  Captured by Jewish patriots from a Roman garrison during the Great Revolt.  One of the last strongholds to resist the Romans.  See the remains of this palace and the ramp built by the Roman soldiers to re-capture the fortress (only to find Eleazar and his followers had killed themselves in a dreadful mass murder-suicide).

Bethlehem – Birthplace of the Lord, Jesus Christ.  Original home of Elimelech and Naomi.  Ruth and Naomi returned here after the famine.  Here Ruth married Boaz and became the great-grandmother of David, king of Israel.  Thus, Bethlehem is the original home of the Davidic family, and for this reason Joseph and Mary came here for the census.  Visit the Church of the Nativity , St Jerome’s grotto, Church of St. Catherine (all built atop the traditional site of the cave believed to be the birthplace of Jesus), Shepherd’s Fields, among other sites.

Jerusalem – Old walled city – The most sacred city in the world, and the most important one in biblical history.  Sacred to Christian, Muslim, and Jew.  Walk the streets of this ancient city and feel as if you have traveled back in time.  Shops, cathedrals, churches, markets, lively culture, etc.–a must-have experience!  We’ll walk together through the Old City streets, stopping at important locations:  Antonio Fortress, Church of the Holy Sepulchre (a proposed site of Golgotha/Calvary), the Broad Wall, the proposed “Upper Room,” etc–all while passing through Muslim, Christian, Armenian, and Jewish Quarters.

Pools of Bethesda – Where Jesus met and healed an invalid man on the Sabbath day.

Mount of Olives – Separated from Old Jerusalem by the narrow Kidron Valley.  Overlooks Jerusalem.  Where Jesus addressed the disciples, suffered at Gethsemane, and ascended to heaven.  Also where Jesus will appear at his return and will be recognized by the Jews as the Messiah.

Western Wall/Wailing Wall – A portion of the supporting western wall Herod built around the temple area.  Holiest shrine of the Jewish world.  Pray alongside our Jewish cousins at this revered spot.  We will also take a tour of the Kotel/Western Wall Tunnel excavations, a recent underground excavation continuing along the full length of the Western Wall to get a more clear perspective of the magnitude of Herod’s Temple with its massive retaining wall and structures.  Walk on the ancient market street pavement.  Touch the wall nearest the Holy of Holies.  See the remains of a huge water cistern.

BYU Jerusalem Center – Unforgettable Sacrament meeting while enjoying a spectacular view of the Old City of Jerusalem.  Stirring organ recital during a tour the main floors and the beautiful, peaceful grounds.  The Center is operating and hosting/housing BYU students each semester!  On a separate day from the Sabbath, we will take a tour of the Center and enjoy a personal, magnificent organ recital and walk the gardens and grounds of this “oasis” on the Mt of Olives overlooking Jerusalem.

Orson Hyde Memorial Park – Dedicated by Spencer W. Kimball in 1979.  Beautiful 5-1/2 acre park, amphitheater, olive trees; overlooking the old walled city of Jerusalem.  Hear miraculous details about Orson Hyde’s dedication of this land for the return of the Jews and the magnificent response by the people as they have felt the call to return to the land of their inheritance.

Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount, Mount Moriah – Extremely sacred site!  Today:  Muslim mosque held sacred by the Muslims.  Herod’s, Solomon’s days:  where temple to the Lord was built; David purchased this property for a future temple.  Abraham’s day:  Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac.  The future of this holy site is certainly something to ponder, discuss, and wonder about as the world and spiritual events unfold …

Temple Steps/Excavation site – located at the south end of the temple mount.  Walk on actual steps which led to Herod’s Temple and which were commonly traversed by the people of Jesus’ day.  Excavations of ritual baths, etc.  Walk along the top of the old city walls, if you wish.

King David’s Citadel – Also Built by Herod the Great.  The only part of the walls of Jerusalem to remain standing after Titus and the Roman army destroyed the city in A.D. 70.  Spectacular evening sound and light show rehearsing the history of the many occupations of this magnificent city.

St Peter in Gallicantu/Caiaphas’ House – “Gallicantu” means “cock’s crow” in Latin.  This church commemorates Peter’s triple denunciation of Jesus.  Said to be the spot where High Priest Caiaphas’ palace once stood.  Located on the eastern slopes of Mt Zion with panoramic view of the temple mount and the location of the City of David/Jerusalem/Silwan valley.

Israel Museum – Houses the “Shrine of the Book,” Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit with artifacts and some actual scrolls on display.  Visit a fascinating scale-model of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus complete with Solomon’s Temple!  Also a little time to see many ancient artifacts on display which have been discovered throughout the region–incredible collections!

Yad Vashem–Holocaust Museum – Guided tour of this poignant museum which was established in 1953 as the world center for documentation, research, education, and commemoration of the Jewish Holocaust.  Yad Vashem is a dynamic and vital place of inter-generational and international encounter.  Fascinating, emotive stop.

Hezekiah’s Tunnel/City of David – Extra activity, for those who wish (at nominal cost).  Tour the original City of David ruins with an enthusiastic site guide–see new discoveries of the original Jerusalem then walk through this amazing tunnel, also known as Siloam Tunnel.  Walk through about a foot of water (sometimes deeper) for about 1700 feet, or 1/3 of a mile.  This amazing tunnel was dug during the righteous King Hezekiah’s reign as he prepared Jerusalem for an impending siege by the Assyrians.  This tunnel led the water of the Gihon Spring straight to the City of David, the old walled city.  It is one of the few intact 8th century BC structures in the world that the public can not only visit, but enter and walk through.  This ancient tunnel was hand-dug by two teams, one starting at each end to meet in the middle.  Narrow passageway, NOT for the claustrophobic nor less-able walkers (therefore, an optional activity).  Take a flashlight and wear shoes that can get wet.

Gethsemane – Relive the Lord’s last week from the small, private amphitheater at the edge of the ancient Garden of Gethsemane.  Hear scriptures read by fellow tour members recounting the events from the Triumphal Entry to Christ’s suffering, arrest, mock-trial, crucifixion and resurrection to His ascension to heaven.  See dozens of gnarled, twisted, yet living olive trees, some whose roots no doubt date back to the time of Jesus.

Bethany – Home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus – Jesus’ dear friends with whom he would often lodge.  Probable site of Lazarus’ tomb.  Enjoy a local, cultural lunch with some of our dear friends of today.  Hospitality and friendship continue to be a major part of Bethany.

Garden Tomb Park – Proposed (and likely correct) site of the tomb where the Lord was buried after the crucifixion and resurrected three days later.  A few hundred feet from a “possible” cross site of Golgotha/Calvary which is viewed from the edge of the park.  Enjoy this peaceful setting amidst a bustling city as we share testimonies of the Savior in a private devotional setting just yards from the empty tomb.  You will relive this incredible scene over and over forever after.


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“It is good to bask in the memories of meeting wonderful people, those from the tour group and the people that touched my life in the places we went.  It was an interesting experience to watch people of other faiths.  I will treasure the spiritual experiences I had.  Very tender to me.  A wonderful trip.”
Diane Tenney

“Thanks for everything you did to make our tour a success.  My mind is seriously marinating and I don’t know when or how but we’re determined to take our children.  We recommend you so highly.”
Danelle Richards