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Tour II – Missouri/Nauvoo/Winter Quarters Tours

DUES THEY PAID & OUR GLORIOUS FUTURE!  Tours fly into Kansas City and are met by a deluxe, air-conditioned bus which transports us in comfort to the important church history sites listed below.  Most fly back to Salt Lake City from the Omaha airport, just 11 miles from Winter Quarters.  This has important advantages compared with round-trip into Kansas City or St. Louis:  You are always seeing new sites rather than busing through the same places twice to return to the same airport.  We carefully follow Brigham Young’s trail across Iowa and explain many important sites and crucial events that took place along the way.  And since Omaha is near Winter Quarters, you see its exceptional visitors center and the lovely new Winter Quarters Temple.  As has always been a tradition with Mormon Heritage tours, we visit the sites in the order that the history occurred, making it easier to understand and remember.

The sites visited are listed below.  Tour hosts make good use of the time both on the bus and at these sites to recount the stories of faith that occurred there, and to explain their importance.  Especially moving are scripts representing people who where there that are read in first-person by tour members.  For example, we hear the testimonies of Oliver Cowdery and David Whitmer at their graves, Parley P. Pratt near the Richmond Jail where the rebuking of the guards took place, and the testimonies of Emma Smith and Mary Fielding on the sacred Far West temple site.  Two eye-witnesses deliver an account of a miraculous healing at Haun’s Mill.  On the shore of the Mississippi in Nauvoo, Mary Ann Young tells of the faith of Brigham and the Twelve departing for England on missions while sick with malaria.

Why is this tour named: “Dues They Paid & Our Glorious Future”? Joseph Smith said, “Our children will rise up and call us blessed; and generations yet unborn will dwell with peculiar delight upon the scenes that we have passed through, the privations that we have endured; the untiring zeal that we have manifested; the all but insurmountable difficulties that we have overcome in laying the foundation of a work that brought about the glory and blessing which they will realize . . . to bring about the destruction of the powers of darkness, the renovation of the earth, the glory of God, and the salvation of the human family.”

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So far as we know, there are no other quality tours visiting all the sites we do, in historical order, as we have always done, that do not charge significantly more.  Our tours offer unique participation opportunities not available anywhere else.  If you see advertised similar tours that appear less expensive, please call us.  They are likely missing something. 801-272-5601 or toll-free 866-335-5601.

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Historical Sites Visited

Some site names are highlighted in green below – these are places where events took place of great importance in the history of the LDS Church, but are often skipped by other tours.

Independence MO

Site of ancient Garden of Eden. The lost ten tribes of Israel will gather here and build the great City of Zion before the second coming of Christ. A great temple will be constructed here that will eclipse anything we have yet experienced. It will be lighted day and night by a celestial source from above. The Lord will govern the world from this city during the Millennium.

Richmond MO

1. Site of Richmond Jail, where the Rebuking of the Guards by Joseph Smith took place.  It is often erroneously assumed to be the Liberty Jail.

2. Graves of Oliver Cowdery, Mary Whitmer, David Whitmer, Judge Austin King and others.

3. Monument to Alexander Doniphan

Liberty MO

Liberty Jail where Joseph Smith was incarcerated with Hyrum and others. Some time later, Porter Rockwell also was imprisoned here on a false charge of attempting to kill Governor Lilburn Boggs. Wonderful visitors center and inspiring missionary presentations.

Far West MO

Third and last Missouri home of the saints before being driven out in 1839 by the Extermination Order.  Sacred dedicated temple lot.  Declared by President David O. McKay to be the site of a future “glorious Millennial city”.


Adam lived here for 900 years after expulsion from Eden. Gathered righteous posterity before his death and prophesied everything of consequence until the end of the world. Monumental meeting to take place shortly before the second coming. Adam and all prophets who hold keys will attend. Millions will attend from this world and others.

Quincy IL

Lovely, upbeat, blessed town that rescued the saints when driven from Missouri by the Militias (mobs) in the middle of the winter of 1839.  A University history professor, an expert on Civil War history and Abraham Lincoln speaks to us at dinner and relates how it was that Quincy was spared any bloodshed during the civil war while just across the Mississippi in Missouri, things were awful.  He also speaks to us about the monumental importance to the future of our country of the Lincoln-Douglas debates.  Presented where one of these debates took place.

Green Plains IL

What is left of the town founded by Rev. Levi Williams, the minister who led the mob that killed Joseph and Hyrum at Carthage. We pass by his grave and read his dire predictions for the Mormons, which have failed to come to pass. We also read Joseph Smith’s counter prophecies which are being fulfilled every single day.

Warsaw IL

The town that raised the Carthage mob. Also home of Tom Sharp, the editor of the Warsaw Signal.  See the immense contrast with blessed Quincy.  Also see Flemming’s Tavern, where the mob plotted the killing and celebrated after.


Founded in a swamp in 1839 and was home of the saints until driven from there in 1846, two years after the Prophet’s death.  Second temple in this dispensation was built and destroyed there.  The rebuilt Nauvoo Temple was dedicated on June 27, 2002 at 5:00pm.  This was the 158th anniversary of the day that Joseph and Hyrum were killed at Carthage.  Today, visit wonderfully restored homes and shops with senior missionaries to learn how the pioneers lived.  Enjoy delightful pioneer entertainment in the evenings.  Skip rocks on the mighty Mississippi River.

Nauvoo Temple

Optional temple sessions in the glorious new Nauvoo Temple.  Also baptisms as you wish.

Carthage Jail

Visitors center and jail where Joseph and Hyrum Smith were killed.  Powerfully moving missionary presentations.

Locust Creek Camp #2

Iowa site: where Come, Come Ye Saints was composed. We bus just a little north of the original camp, and, after a hearing the circumstances of the writing of this great hymn, we sing it on the bus as we travel to Garden Grove.

Mt. Pisgah Monument & Wagon Ride!

Iowa site: Most important Iowa temporary settlement for our pioneers leaving Nauvoo.  Beautiful and peaceful, perfect for our end-of-tour devotional.  A wagon ride on the pioneer trail.  Then a delicious Iowa home cookin’ lunch at a Methodist Church including mouth-watering homemade pie.

Kanesville Tabernacle

Iowa Council Bluffs: Built entirely of Cottonwood logs.  Brigham Young was sustained here as the president of the LDS Church in 1848 after returning from the Salt Lake Valley.  That same year, a much-humbled Oliver Cowdery made the long, hard journey here to beg to be re-admitted to the Church in front of a thousand wary saints.  He was baptized outside nearby in Indian Creek by Orson Hyde.

Winter Quarters

Just across the Missouri River into Nebraska.  Outstanding visitors center, pioneer cemetery with 600 unmarked graves, Aavard Fairbanks Sculpture, Winter Quarters Temple!

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Missouri/Nauvoo/Winter Quarters


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M796.5Sat May 23, 2015Fri May 29, 2015$1545$1350$1278$1245Nauvoo Temple session (optional). Early travel season - no crowds, mild temperatures. Hosted by Missy Shoell; Instructor: Bill Strader
M806.5Sat June 20, 2015Fri June 26, 2015$1545$1350$1278$1245Lovely early summer temperatures & delightful entertainment. Hosted by Ron Millburn and Stephanie Smith
M816.5Sat July 25, 2015Fri Jul 31, 2015$1545$1350$1278$1245Nauvoo Pageant AND British Pageant! Also summer-time entertainment. Hosted by Mike Vielstich
M836.5Sat Oct 10, 2015Fri Oct 16, 2015$1545$1350$1278$1245Autumn leaf season! Off-season, low crowds. Hosted by Logan Zemp and Cyndy Zemp

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