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“The Cradle of the Restoration”


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sharon-960Visit the newly-restored Harmony sites at a leisurely pace. This Aaronic Priesthood site restoration project is now completed and was dedicated September 19, 2015–be among the first to see the beautifully re-built Joseph & Emma Smith and Isaac & Elizabeth Hale homes along with a fantastic visitor’s center/chapel and improved access to the Susquehanna River.

Elder Marlin K. Jensen said, “This site is sacred ground for Latter-day Saints. Our historic sites help us tell the unique story. Each site is filled with historically accurate details and engaging exhibits to help people better understand who we are and what is important to us.”

Please join us for this unique opportunity to spend time at these sacred sites and learn from Karl Ricks Anderson, a leading expert on Joseph Smith and this inspiring history.  Karl is a noted historian, author, and incredible person.  AND, all of this among the beautiful New England AUTUMN LEAVES!

This is a rare and intriguing opportunity to travel these sites with Karl Anderson.  You are sure to enjoy hearing his insights; his knowledge on Joseph Smith & the Doctrine & Covenants revelations received in these areas are unmatched–even still, his jovial personality and engaging teaching style always create a great, open atmosphere.  We will take our time to fully experience each of these sites without being rushed.  This tour is great for everyone but especially meaningful to those who have been to these sites before and wanted more time, wanted a Palmyra Temple session, and are anxious to visit these newly-restored sites!

Follow this link to the LDS Church Newsroom site for the original announcement:

A 2016 Deseret News article gives a little more insight into Karl Anderson:

Sites Visited:josiah-home-web

Fly to Albany, NY, return flight from Buffalo, NY

Where Joseph & Emma eloped to and were married by Squire Tarbell.

Josiah Stowell home
– Josiah was a good friend to Joseph & Emma and his home is where they spent their honeymoon.
Joseph Knight Sr home – Meeting place of the Colesville Branch (first Branch of the Church with Hyrum Smith as first Branch President, Joseph Knight Sr as the second Branch President).
Both homes are lovingly restored by a family group from Arizona and Utah. The homes are filled with antiques gleaned from the area and are from the time period. Imagine Joseph Smith and the Stowells and Knights sitting near the fireplace engaged in spiritual discussions.

Susquehanna River
Stop by the approximate site where resurrected beings Peter, James, and John appeared to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery to restore the Melchizedek Priesthood.

Newly re-built home of Joseph & Emma Smith – where most of the Book of Mormon translation took place (all but 144 pages); the birth and death of their first child; 15 revelations received here are now Doctrine & Covenants sections. They lived here December 1827-August 1830 having fled from Palmyra where persecution was intense for safety among Emma’s family 150 miles away.
Newly re-built home of Emma’s father & mother, Isaac & Elizabeth Hale – Isaac was a prominent citizen, well-established, and very respected in the community.
New Visitor’s Center/Chapel with missionary hosts, films, exhibits.
Susquehanna River improved access – Joseph Smith & Oliver Cowdery received the Aaronic Priesthood from a resurrected John the Baptist after which they were commanded to and now had proper authority to baptize each other in this very river.

Enjoy private time in the Sacred Grove, ponder at Hill Cumorah, perform vicarious work for family or others in a beautiful Palmyra Temple session (this temple is built right ON the Smith property’s Echo Hill!), discover in-depth insights on early 1900s missionaries Elder Willard and Sister Rebecca Bean who paved the way for the Church to return to the area and be accepted by the locals.

Peter Whitmer Sr
re-built farmhouse and newly-designed visitor’s center – Book of Mormon completion, Church first organized, testimony of the Three Witnesses was signed here, many baptisms took place nearby (Joseph Sr and Lucy Mack Smith, Martin Harris, Porter Rockwell, to name a few), 20 sections of the Doctrine & Covenants were received here.  First headquarters of the Church and first conference of the Church was held here.

We hope you can join us for this special event!



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Harmony Site Restoration Tour

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Tour conducted by Joseph Smith expert Karl Ricks Anderson.

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