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Lincoln & the Early Mormons in Illinois

Sept 20-25, 2014



Discover the remarkably similar religious and political positions of Abraham Lincoln and the Mormon Prophet, Joseph Smith, and see the places in Illinois that they held in common.
RON L. ANDERSEN, author of Abraham Lincoln: God’s Humble Instrument, will share his compelling view of Lincoln’s often misunderstood spiritual life and beliefs and how his path in Illinois connected with members of the Mormon faith.

Visit historic Springfield to see museums, Lincoln’s law office, home, court rooms, burial tomb and memorial.  Walk back in time at a New Salem restored village and Lincoln’s first grocery business.  Explore Quincy, site of a great Lincoln-Douglas debate and where Lincoln lodged with a friend who later converted to Mormonism.  Enjoy Nauvoo which was re-settled by the early Mormons and which Lincoln voted in favor of the City Charter while serving in the Illinois state legislature.  Tour many restored homes and shops and enjoy delightful pioneer entertainment.  Visit Carthage where Lincoln practiced law and where Joseph Smith was martyred.  Stop in Galesburg at Knox College to see the only original Lincoln-Douglas debate site still standing.  And there’s so much more!  Tour flies round-trip Chicago-Midway airport with six days of inspiring, thought-provoking presentations portraying Lincoln and the early Mormons.

We hope you can join us for this inaugural tour!

Click here to listen to an interview with Ron L. Andersen.

Daily Schedule

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Fly SLC to Chicago-Midway (or from another city), arriving just after noon, where our deluxe, chartered bus will meet you.  Stop in Bloomington, Galesburg, and Monmouth to visit pertinent sites of Lincoln’s life.  At Monmouth, Joseph Smith was saved from a lynch mob because of the courage of two of Lincoln’s close friends.  At Galesburg, visit Knox College – the only original structure still standing from one of the Lincoln-Douglas debates.  Continue to Nauvoo for dinner & lodging (2 nights).

DAYs 2&3
Enjoy Nauvoo, the “City of Joseph” on the beautiful Mississippi built up by the early Mormons.  Visit restored mid-1800s homes, shops, and church buildings; enjoy musical pioneer entertainment and a Nauvoo Temple session (optional).  We’ll visit Carthage and the courthouse where Lincoln practiced law and where he saw the nearby Carthage Jail being built – the very building in which Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were martyred sealing their testimonies with their blood.  This is always an emotional yet strengthening visit.  We’ll travel south along the Mississippi River to Quincy for dinner & lodging and most especially to visit the historic site of the famed Quincy Lincoln-Douglas debate that turned the tide for Lincoln.  Visit with an inspiring local Quincy University professor emeritus whose expertise is on the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln – you’ll gain even more understandings about Lincoln’s dedication to God and his unwavering spirit.  Quincy is also the town that compassionately rescued 5,000 freezing and ill Mormon refugees from Missouri during the awful winter of 1838 as they were forced to flee for their lives with only the clothes on their backs.  In fact, 2014 marks 175 years since the Missouri exodus and the mercy given at Quincy.  You’ll certainly appreciate this blessed city and be humbled by the valiant deeds of its citizens.      Lincoln-home-Springfield-IL

DAYs 4&5
For the bulk of days 4 & 5 we will visit the many historic Springfield sites dedicated to the memory and life of this remarkable 16th President of the United States – museums, Law office, library, his home, courtroom, and family life.  Ron Andersen will share his insights and research of Lincoln’s life and his connections (and near-miss-meetings) with members of the early Mormon church including Joseph Smith, and many others. Learn how Lincoln was truly convinced that his life had a God-given appointment which he was determined to fulfill as an instrument in the hands of God, called upon to end slavery and solidify a promised nation once and for all.  On day 5, we’ll drive to New Salem to walk back in time visiting restored sites depicting how daily life was during Lincoln’s early days including a visit to his restored grocery business, his first business venture.

Start the day reflecting upon Abraham Lincoln’s  life at his final resting place–a magnificent, fitting memorial.  Drive on to Lincoln to tour Lincoln Heritage Museum at Lincoln College.  Depart for Chicago arriving at Midway airport at 5:00pm for our evening flight home.

Click here for more info on Lincoln Leadership Society.Linoln's Tomb

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Lincoln & the Early Mormons in Illinois

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