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Join us for a remarkable tour starting at Winter Quarters and ending in Salt Lake City.  Fly to Omaha where our deluxe, air-conditioned bus will take you in comfort to important pioneer history sites following the Mormon Pioneer Trail route from Winter Quarters through Nebraska and Wyoming to Salt Lake City.  This tour is created by and hosted by a team of veteran tour guides and expert historians who will weave stories from the journals of those who took this journey on foot and by wagon as they dreamed of building Zion and living in peace in the Rocky Mountains.  These humbling tales of miracles and blessings by far surpass the heartbreaks of this arduous journey–you’ll be amazed at and inspired by the sacrifices and great faith of our pioneer ancestors.  This amazing heritage belongs to EVERY member of the Church!

Tours are conducted in the spirit of an uplifting gospel doctrine class taught at the sites where early church history events occurred.  Each day begins and ends with a hymn and a prayer on the bus.  The days are filled with inspirational experiences never to be forgotten.  You will return with a greater understanding of the immense value of the restored gospel and humbled at the price paid by the men and women of the past to lay the foundation.

SUMMARY OF SITES:  Winter Quarters – Kanesville Tabernacle – Chimney Rock – Scotts Bluff – Fort Laramie – Guernsey Ruts – Independence Rock – Devil’s Gate – Martin’s Cove (optional handcart pull to the cove) – Rock Creek Hollow – Rocky Ridge – South Pass – Fort Bridger – Echo Canyon – Big Mountain – This is the Place State Park – Salt Lake City Cemetery – Ensign Peak.

Very nice lodging (leave your tent and sleeping bag at home); delicious meals and a deluxe chartered bus (no wagons this time!) are arranged for your comfort and convenience.

DAY 1 – We gather in Omaha and begin our “bus trek” with visits to Florence Mill, Mormon Bridge, the Council House, and Brigham Young’s home location as well at Cutler’s Park–the first settlement in the area.  Then on to Winter Quarters Trail Center and Pioneer Cemetery – outstanding starting point!  Learn more of how the pioneers camped here in sod huts, dugoug caves, and crude cabins that awful winter of 1846-47 before embarking for the Salt Lake Valley.  One of the best visitors centers in the Church with the perfect film to set the scene for our journey.  Cemetery with 600 unmarked pioneer graves, sculptures, etc.  Enjoy the beautiful Winter Quarters Temple grounds, adjacent to the cemetery.  Kanesville Tabernacle where Brigham Young was sustained as the second prophet and president of the Church by over 1,000 pioneer men and women assembled for this most significant event.  Heber C. Kimball and Willard Richards were sustained as his counselors.  This is also where we will begin our tales of the Mormon Battalion as they were recruited from this area and where Oliver Cowdery asked to be re-baptized.

DAY 2 – Enjoy an expansive view of this entire area from atop the Lewis & Clark Highway monument and park then cross Mormon Bridge to Elkhorn Crossing which was the staging area for those ready to begin their journey to the West.  We’ll cross Nebraska following the Platte River while discussing many events the pioneers endured including stories of daily life, the Vanguard company and the handcart companies, among the others.  Stop at the illustrative Great Platte River Road Archway Museum to experience exhibits and tributes to the nearly half a million people who rode and walked the mid-1800s trails through this region.  This remarkable exhibit pays tribute to the enduring spirit of the pioneers.

DAY 3 – We travel to Wyoming stopping at crucial sites such as Chimney Rock, Scottsbluff, Fort Laramie, and Guernsey Ruts as we discover at each of these sites their importance of a landmark or tales of crucial events.  Visit one of the few remaining marked Pioneer grave sites:  Rebecca Burdick Winters; her name was inscribed on an old iron wagon tire and left as her memorial.  At Gurernsey Ruts, we will see where the thousands of iron-shod hooves and wagon wheels gradually cut a vertical-walled channel deep into the sandstone ridges–probably the best-preserved wagon ruts on the entire trail.

DAY 4 – We continue our journey through Wyoming stopping at notable sites such as Bessemer Bend, Independence Rock, Devil’s Gate, and Martin’s Cove.  Independence Rock is a building-sized prominent granite rock beside the trail.  Westward travelers wanted to be as far as this point by Independence Day, July 4, in order to avoid early snowfalls in the high mountains and plains which lay ahead.  Martin’s Cove is now manned by missionaries where we will enjoy blacksmith demonstrations, a restored cabin, fort, and museum.  To get a taste of walking these paths, we will hike the few-mile trek to participate in special presentations re-counting the great rescue of the Martin and Willie handcart companies stopped by devastating, early snows in 1856 suffering terribly from starvation, exhaustion, and exposure.  Many died and were buried here.  We’ll cross and discuss the many crossings of the Sweetwater River that the trails caused these weary travelers to endure including the handcart company’s rescuers who demonstrated great courage and sacrifice while greatly suffering in the cold unselfishly carrying these stranded pioneers across the water putting the needs of others over their own.  See the view from Split Rock where Ephraim Hanks found the stranded Martin company.  On to Riverton and Lander for lodging and special, local guest speakers regarding the great “second rescue,” meaning the research and documentation to provide temple work for these handcart pioneers who died along the trail.

DAY 5 – We cross the Continental Divide today while visiting and seeing more majestic and meaningful Wyoming sites:  Rock Creek Hollow, Rocky Ridge, South Pass, and the restored Fort Bridger Historic Site with its many period buildings, shops, and monuments.  We finish the day with a delicious Dutch oven dinner at a local park in Evanston with insightful stories and delightful singing around the campfire.

DAY 6 – Start the day with a journey through Echo Canyon and Henefer to be faced with the ominous, aptly-named Big Mountain.  We’ll traverse this mountain pass to the top of Emigration Canyon to see our first glimpse of the Salt Lake Valley before descending the canyon to This Is the Place State Park and the monument marking Brigham Young’s famous words marking the end of the journey.  We’ll look across the valley to Ensign Peak, which Brigham did as he recognized this scene from a vision he had received showing him where to take the Saints.  As we drive toward the Peak, we’ll stop at Brigham Young’s grave and graves of other notable, early Saints to pay tribute to these remarkable people.  Standing atop Ensign Peak, overlooking the vast Salt Lake valley, we’ll re-count the experiences had by Brigham and seven others as they surveyed the valley and laid out in their minds the city as they intended to build it.  We complete our journey with an unforgettable testimony meeting and delicious banquet at Brigham Young’s Lion House on Temple Square.  After dinner, our tour finishes with with a drop-off at the SLC airport for flights home OR to pick up your car/meet your ride home – you’ll return home with a renewed understanding and determination to honor these early Saints in all you do.

This is a RARE OPPORTUNITY often given only to the youth – NOW IT IS YOUR TURN to experience these sites and the tales of remarkable pioneers who exhibited great faith in every footstep.  See the vast plains and immense Rocky Mountains they traversed.  Feel their emotions as we share their stories of courage, faith, sorrow, and joy.  Understand more than you did before about the many miracles and blessings they experienced as they followed their hearts and their prophet to safety in the west.

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