TOUR GT10M – Missouri/Nauvoo/Winter Quarters

Dates/Days Departs Tuesday afternoon, June 9, scheduled to return to Salt Lake City Monday evening, June 15, 2012 – 7 glorious days, 6 nights

Motels Quite nice!  Always clean & comfortable, very adequate for our short-time needs.   All are clean and very comfortable!  Swimming pool most nights.

Food Deluxe continental breakfasts at all motels, tasty hot lunches served in restaurants or at some sites such as Adam-ondi-Ahman, and wonderful buffets for dinners.  Great food is plentiful and so have been the compliments on past tours!

Temple options Sessions at the beautiful Nauvoo Temple.  Baptisms for the dead also possible.

Special features Inspirational lecture about the Lincoln-Douglas debate at the monument in Washington Park where it took place in Quincy, Illinois. Optional sessions in the beautiful, rebuilt Nauvoo Temple!  Spend 2 nights and most of 3 days in this compelling area visiting restored Pioneer homes & shops, and an emotional visit to Carthage Jail!  Enjoy the most delightful Pioneer entertainment imaginable in Nauvoo. Memorable wagon ride at Mt. Pisgah on actual wagon trails used by the pioneers.  Also see where temporary pioneer settlers camped, built cabins, sod huts, etc.  An unforgettable experience.  Each tour day starts with a hymn and a prayer and ends the same way.  Presentations on the bus while traveling between the sites are inspiring and informative.  As much as practical, sites are visited in historical order to make this complex history easier to understand and remember.

Tour Host: Jay McCarthy will host this incredible tour.  Currently teaching at BYU-Provo, Jay will share his vast knowledge and insights which are sure to intrigue you as he shares this amazing history with you on the bus and at the sites.  Jay and his wife are parents of two young children.


Starts in Independence Missouri and ends at Winter Quarters Nebraska (Omaha).  In-between, more than 25 important church history sites are visited while gliding 900 miles through Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska  in a deluxe air-conditioned bus.  Carefully prepared vignettes and other presentations are given regarding the sites and the people who lived there.  Tour members who wish to participate, are invited to thoughtfully present these insightful and accurate portrayals and histories.  Rare opportunity to enjoy an optional session in the Nauvoo Temple–one of the most beautiful temples in the world!  This is truly a superior tour at a modest price.  We hope you and your family can join us!

Some Sites Visited, by State

Western Missouri: Independence, Richmond, Liberty, Far West, Adam-ondi-Ahman, Hannibal

Illinois: Quincy, Green Plains, Warsaw, Nauvoo, and Carthage

Iowa: Locust Creek Camp #2 (Come, Come, Ye Saints), Garden Grove temporary settlement, Mt. Pisgah temporary settlement, Kanesville Tabernacle

Nebraska: Winter Quarters pioneer cemetery and Winter Quarters Temple

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