Palmyra-Kirtland Church History Tour


Tour I – Palmyra-Harmony-Kirtland

Tour summary

Fly to Buffalo New York to meet a deluxe, air-conditioned bus which takes you in comfort to the awesome Niagara Falls Canada to stay overnight then to crucial church history sites in Mendon, Palmyra, Harmony & Susquehanna River, and the Kirtland area including a private tour of the Kirtland Temple.  Details of sites visited are listed below.  Tours end at Hiram, Ohio, and fly home from Cleveland.

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So far as we know, there are no other quality tours visiting all the sites we do, as long as we do, in historical order as we have always done, that do not charge significantly more.  And our tours offer unique participation opportunities not available anywhere else.  If you see advertised similar tours that appear less expensive, there is probably something missing.  Call 801-272-5601 or toll-free 866-335-5601.  Published prices include: all meals, charter bus, lodging, tickets for any scheduled events, fees, taxes, guide services, and SLC airfare!  Nothing is added to these modest prices!

Historical sites visited.

Names in green indicate sites often missed by other church history tours.

Mendon NY

Just 22 miles from Palmyra.  Was a stagecoach stop in Joseph Smith’s time.  Brigham Young, his father, and all ten living brothers and sisters joined the Church here in 1832.  So did their spouses, some of whom were Methodist ministers.  All went through hardships and persecutions as a result.  None ever apostatized. Heber C. Kimball, his wife Vilate, and his father joined here too.  Heber C. Kimball, Brigham Young and many others saw a stunning vision in the night sky here the same night Joseph Smith received the plates of the Book of Mormon in Palmyra.  See John Young home, Brigham Young property, Tomlinson Inn (the stagecoach stop), Miriam Works Young’s grave, Solomon Kimball home.

Palmyra NY

Smith family farm, rebuilt log home where Moroni visits took place, frame home where the plates were hidden under the fireplace hearth.  Enjoy private time to ponder in the Sacred Grove.  Missionary tour telling the miracles of the Grandin Press where the Book of Mormon was first printed.  Pay tribute to Martin Harris at his farm.  Visit brother Alvin’s grave in the Palmyra Cemetery.  Pause for a memorable group photo at the Palmyra Temple and enjoy walking the beautiful grounds around the temple.  Feel gratitude for generations past at the Hill Cumorah where a prepared Joseph retrieved the plates from the ancient prophet, Moroni.

Fayette NY

Peter Whitmer Sr farm where the Church was first organized on April 6, 1830.  Site of the visions to the three witnesses of the Book of Mormon.  The Book of Mormon translation was finished in an upstairs room of the re-built Whitmer family cabin.  Many D&C sections received here.  Headquarters of the Church while Joseph lived here with the Whitmer family.

Harmony PA & Susquehanna River!

150 miles from Palmyra.  Extremely important site and remarkably beautiful.  Home of Emma Hale Smith’s family.  Josiah Stowell silver mine digging venture.  Book of Mormon translated here except for a few pages.  Martin Harris and Oliver Cowdery lived here for a time with Joseph and Emma while serving as scribes to the translation.  John the Baptist visit to Joseph and Oliver bestowing the Aaronic Priesthood.  Higher priesthood restored near here by Peter, James, and John.  Many additional crucial events.  For some it is worth the price of the tour just to visit this incredible site!
NEW since 2015:  RENOVATIONS and NEW CONSTRUCTION are complete – new chapel/visitor’s center along with reconstructions of Joseph & Emma’s home and the Isaac & Elizabeth Hale home along with improved access to the Susquehanna River.

Colesville & South Bainbridge

Tour the Josiah Stowell home and Joseph Knight Sr home just north of Harmony – both very good friends to Joseph and Emma.  Joseph Knight home was location of the Colesville Branch of the Church, first led by Hyrum Smith.  These homes have been carefully and beautifully refurbished by private owners who graciously invite our groups to share in these historic homes and the incredible history that was lived here.


Kirtland OH

Did you know the Saints lived in Kirtland longer than they lived in Nauvoo?  It’s true.  By far, more heavenly manifestations, visitations, and revelations were received in Kirtland than any other Church history site.  Feel the Spirit in the Newell K. Whitney Store (School of the Prophets; Word of Wisdom received here with several other D&C sections).  Also spectacular Kirtland Visitors Center (built in 2005), the newly-restored John Johnson Inn, saw mill, ashery, and family history facilities.  Visit the Isaac Morley Farm where the united order was first practiced and where a schoolhouse was the scene of heavenly direction.  Enjoy a private tour of the Kirtland Temple and marvel at this still-dedicated House of the Lord.

Fairport Harbor OH

On Lake Erie, just 12 miles from Kirtland.  Here saints arrived from points east as they answered the call to “gather to the Ohio” and from where many departed on missions eastward including those going to and returning from Europe.

Hiram OH

John Johnson Farm, an immense operation for the day.  Joseph Smith lived here for a year while producing the “Inspired Translation” of the Bible.  He and Sidney Rigdon were also tarred and feathered here.  Many sections of the D&C received including the great 76th section three degrees of glory.  Enjoy a delicious Amish lunch at a nearby village before flying home.

Niagara Falls

Tours start at the awesome Niagara Falls to spend the night on the Canadian side .  Included in the tour is the thrilling  Maid of the Mist boat ride up to the falls, as well as a lovely sight-seeing drive down the Niagara River to the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake to shop and to see Lake Ontario.



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N756Mon Oct 2, 2017Sat Oct 7, 2017$1851$1599$1487$1415TOUR DATE CURRENTLY FULL - look to another date or tour type OR register to add your name to the WAIT LIST. Mild Autumn weather and fabulous leaf color!Hosted by Mike Vielstich
N766Mon June 18, 2018Sat June 23, 2018$1851$1599$1487$1415DATE JUST OPENED UP! Call 801-272-5601 to register at 2017 prices!
Lovely, early summer weather comfortable temperatures.
Hosted by Ron Millburn
N776Mon Sept 10, 2018Sat Sept 15, 2018$1851$1599$1487$1415DATE JUST OPENED UP! Call 801-272-5601 to register at 2017 prices!
Perfect September weather - with comfortable temperatures.
Hosted by Sam & Jana Fowers
N786Mon Oct 8, 2018Sat Oct 13, 2018$1851$1599$1487$1415DATE JUST OPENED UP! Call 801-272-5601 to register at 2017 prices!
Autumn leaf season. Departs the day after General Conference.
Hosted by Ron Millburn

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