Haifa – Israel Tour

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Located on the Mediterranean Sea where Mt Carmel juts into the water forming a bay, Haifa is one of the most beautifully situated cities in the world.  From atop the mount, panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea are similar to those of San Francisco.  Little existed here until 1933 when the British built a modern harbor which is now the main port of Israel.  The city now has the nation’s largest heavy industries.  Historically, Haifa was destroyed by Muslim conquerors in the seventh century, conquered by Crusaders in 1100, and destroyed in 1761 by Taher el Amar.  Today, Haifa is Israel’s ship-building center and third largest city.  There’s an Israeli saying: “Jerusalem prays, Tel Aviv plays, Haifa works.”  Thousands have come “home” to the promised land through the port of Haifa.

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