LDS Church Site of Week – PALMYRA, New York

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Palmyra LDS TemplePALMYRA

  • Smith Family Cabin and Farm – The Smith family lived here at the time of the First Vision.  Three years later (September 21, 1823), Moroni appeared here to Joseph Smith three times in the night and once the following day, prophesying, giving instructions, and telling him of the Book of Mormon plates.  The cabin was recently re-built and dedicated.
  • Martin Harris Farm – Owned by Martin Harris when he met Joseph Smith.  Mortgaged for $3,000 to finance printing of the first 5,000 copies of the Book of Mormon.  Harris ended up having to sell part of the farm to pay it back.
  • Grandin Press – Owned and operated by E. B. Grandin.  Printed the first editions of the Book of Mormon.
  • Alvin Smith Grave – Alvin Smith was the oldest of the Smith boys and much idolized by his younger brother Joseph.  He died tragically in November of 1823, at the age of 25, as a result of an over-dose of calomel administered as a medicine for “bilious colic.”  Alvin was obviously a great and noble soul – kind and caring, and a great support to Joseph in his work.  It is a curious thing that of all of Smith sons, the only one still living when the Saints left Nauvoo was William, an excommunicated apostate.  All the rest, Alvin, Hyrum, Joseph, Samuel Harrison, Don Carlos, who were faithful to the end and had made major contributions to the success of the early church, had died.  In fact, of these, only Hyrum lived to see his fortieth birthday.

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