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Netanya is home to many immigrants from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.  It is a modern Israeli city founded by settlers in 1929.  Although early settlers were dependent on citrus growing, it was not long before the potential for tourism was recognized.  There is a strong high-tech industrial presence in Netanya today.  Resorts and tourism continue to be an important contributor to the economy.  The Netanya Academic College, established in 1994, has a history of association with members of the LDS Church.  The college houses the Center for Strategic Dialogue, which sponsors the House of Joseph/House of Judah Dialogue Center.  The late Dr. Joseph Ginat, a former University of Utah professor and Israeli architect, was on the faculty at the college and facilitated many conversations between Jewish and Mormon scholars.  During his time at the University of Utah, Dr. Ginat learned of Orson Hyde’s visit to the Holy Land in 1841 and his dedication of the land for the return of the Jews.  Dr. Ginat, an advisor to Golda Meir and many other Israeli Prime Ministers, worked hard to ensure that the story of Orson Hyde was told in Israel’s schools’ history books.  Dr. Ginat headed the effort to develop the Orson Hyde Square at Netanya Academic College.  The Square features an olive tree planted to honor each of the modern prophets of the LDS Church.   ~ by Ken Wallentine

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