Excerpts of Thank-you Notes from Past Tour Members

I have been on many bus tours.  This was the best ever!
Carol Butterfield

Our tour was amazing.  I look forward to touring with your company again.  Thank you so much.
Shirley Kellett 

A very special thank you.  You are the best.  I loved every minute of the tour and have fallen in love with the country and people.  What an experience, you are so masterfully organized.  The accommodations, food, friendships, and guided tours were wonderful.  Thanks for making my dream a reality.
Lynda Curtis

Words cannot express the wonderful time I had on the tour.  I learned so much.  I hope to take another tour soon.
Susan Cook

I have been on several tours in my travels and yours was the best ever!  Your organization, preparation and execution of every detail was excellent.  The staff and group were so congenial, friendly and helpful as possible.  I appreciate you and all the others for being so kind and helpful to an old lady…me.
Sherlene Clove

I have spent days reviewing the Grand Tour experience.  We have had several discussions of which site affected us individually.  I had a profound experience which was augmented by the Spirit of God, I felt that I was walking on holy ground in various settings.  The materials, the readings, and insights from our guides gave me a more complete picture of the total consecration of the Prophet, his family, and the other Saints who experienced the peaks and valleys of the restoration.  The well of my soul was refreshed by their hopes and their deeds.  Thank you for those precious twelve days and for the group that made this journey more intimate by your reverence.
Rudy Dominguez 

I have always appreciated the sacrifice of the early pioneers and the Prophet Joseph, but I know now that I didn’t fully appreciate the magnitude of their devotion.  Their faith and dedication is awe inspiring.  I will never forget my new understanding of how open the heavens were.  I had been studying the Doctrine & Covenants for months previous to the trip, but going through it on the tour in those sacred places was a profound experience.
Sandra Burbank 

It was a week of Super Sundays, one that had a profound influence on my understanding and attitude about many things.  Each site was beautiful and inspiring, expanded my understanding and strengthened my testimony.  This trip taught me that visiting church history sites can help me better feel for what happened in those areas, expand my understanding of the teachings and scriptures that came from them, and strengthen my testimony of both the church and our prophets.  I will be forever grateful.
R Cook 

We want to thank all involved!  It was truly a most amazing experience.  The tour was wonderful.  Truly inspirational!  [Our guides’] love for the Savior, His servants, and all of us was felt and enjoyed.  The spirit accompanies them for sure.  Exceptional!
Craig & Lana Saunders 

We enjoyed the tour immensely.  It was a lot more academic than we anticipated, and we found that to be great!  We very much appreciate the wisdom, knowledge, and insights, as well as all the careful planning.
Bruce Jefferies 

Thank you for all that you did to make our trip so wonderful!  We loved the binder with all the detailed information, we were in it constantly.  You folks put on a superb tour.
DeLoyce Tyler 

We loved our tour.  We learned so much and our testimonies have increased because of the spiritual atmosphere.  We made many new friends.  [Our guides] were wonderful and inspiring.  We hope to go on another tour with your company.
David and Janene Avery 

We had a wonderful time and would go on another tour with you.  Fabulous guide and very knowledgeable.  The tour showed us everything I believe we could hope to see and now about.  The arrangements for lodging and meals were great.  We felt well-fed and taken care of.
David Porter 

wonderful tour!  Many thanks.
Jim and Linda Hartley 

The tour was wonderful!  [Our guides] were so knowledgeable, organized, and made it so interesting and spiritual!  The bus driver was so fun also!  The meals and lodging were great!  The people on the tour with us were so caring & helpful!  I wouldn’t change anything about the tour.  I loved everything about it!!!!  Thank you very much!
Linda Walker 

Thank you so much for the tour.  I had the BEST time.  It was so much fun and it was a great experience for me.  I grew spiritually in the gospel because of this tour.  I even made some new friends!  Thanks!!
Maggie Hoch [Teen Essay Contest Winner]

Fantastic!  Absolutely marvelous!
Mary Smith [phone call; then she signed up for 2 more tours!]

We had a wonderful time and hope to be able to do another tour in the future.  This vacation is one of our greatest memories!
Robin Wade

The tour was a marvelous blessing to me.  This is the first tour I have taken and I loved everything about it.  [Our guides] were always willing to help any time it was needed.  They shared some very interesting information and were filling our minds and hearts with experiences, historic information, stimulating stories, and spiritual thoughts.  Our group were very cordial to all and made for a pleasant trip.  My testimony was strengthened, my deep gratitude for the prophet Joseph Smith deepened and my spirit truly witnessed of the restoration.  This tour is one to remember and cherish.  Thanks for your dedicated service to us.
Jeannette Smith 

The tour was absolutely the best and [our guides] were great!
Julene Maddocks 

We loved the tour.  It was so informative and we learned many things.  Thanks for this wonderful program.
Gary & Norma Larsen 

I enjoyed the trip and learned a lot about church history.  The tour was well organized and we were able to see a lot in a short time.  The information we received as we rode on the bus was very interesting, the meals were good, and the motels were great.  Thanks to [our guides] for watching out for us and for the interesting and knowledgeable accounts.  I will plan on touring with you again in the future.
Evone Gracey 

The Sharon-Palmyra-Kirtland tour was WONDERFUL!  Thanks for a great experience!
Lora Beth Brown 

We had a wonderful time and enjoyed meeting so many new cousins.  Thanks for all your efforts in putting this tour together.
Barry & Vira Johnson [Joseph Knight Sr family tour; Traveled to Colesville NY to visit ancestral home with many other descendants/cousins]

My children and spouses came home with high spirits and gratitude for being able to go on the [Knight family] tour and I want to pass their gratitude on to you for all that you did for them.  They told me about what inspiration they gained about the history of the Church and their own heritage.  They enjoyed the leadership of the guide and the participation of fellow travelers, and the companionship of their siblings.  Thank you again for your service.  You were more than cooperative and you can be pleased that you influenced the lives of those who took the tour.  Many thanks from the Knight family.
Darrell Knight [Joseph Knight Sr Family Organization Boardmember]

We just returned from a fabulous two weeks to the UK.  I don’t think you could find a better tour director than Ron Dennis.  He knows more about Wales than most people from Wales.  He has a way to personalize this trip for each individual so you felt important.  We had a very enjoyable time.  Everything was perfect.  Thank you for providing such amazing tour directors.
Steve Wilcox 

This was a wonderful tour and group.  Thank you for all that was done to make this tour so awesome.
Ron & Ann Godfrey 

Our trip was wonderful!!
Sherry Ledakis 

I really loved the tour and would love to go again.  I appreciate the knowledge and preparedness of the leaders.  They were fun and very helpful.  Thank you.
Janet Harris 

I enjoyed my experience.
Joanne Pratt 

Our tour was wonderful!  Good food, so much information, the Best tour guide!  Wonderful people, motels clean and lovely!  Temple very spiritual experience!  We liked the book with the itinerary and materials.  Very helpful!  Thank you for a wonderful week lovely, lovely!  I was tired when I got home but refreshed in a few days!  Thanks!
Elizabeth Bolos and Judy Bell 

The tour to Nauvoo was amazing.  We had a wonderful time.  At any given time, [our guide] was teaching us and we were taking it all in.  Every place we visited was awesome and helped to give us a more complete picture of the pioneers’ stories.  Our testimonies have been greatly strengthened and we are very grateful for this opportunity.  Thank you for making this all possible.
Sharon & Kelly Judy 

Truly such an inspiring trip–it is hard to put it in words.  Luckily I tried to journalize each day but still the sacred feelings of the places and the visualizations as well as the insights into the scriptures made this such a special learning experience.
Cynthia Bowers 

Thanks for all the planning for such a great trip.  [Our guides] are such awesome people.  We had so much fun and learned soooo much.  Thanks.  It was an awesome week [in Kirtland].
Annette Hoyle

Our time was filled to the max and I actually appreciated it.  Thank you for a wonderful experience.
Marla Burdett 

Thanks again for a great trip.
Bill Woodward 

Thanks!  I miss everyone!  It was a great time to go.  I’ve been pondering on the trip all week and then to celebrate Pioneers this week has given me new perspective, love and respect, even though I don’t have any ‘pioneer’ ancestors. 🙂
Sara Johnson 

We had a wonderful time, saw so many things, and enjoyed being with you.  We enjoyed going to the temple and the pageants were great.  Let me know when you are going again.
Peggy Sorensen 

Thank you so much.  We are still basking in the joy of our trip and all the good people in our group.  It was absolutely amazing.
Judy Paskett

Thank you to everyone who put this special tour together, it was a very spiritual experience and so well planned.  Our guide was outstanding.  We took our 12-year twins with us, they enjoyed it as well.  This tour strengthened our love, testimony and gratitude for the restoration of the Church.  It was delightful to learn from every event that was planned.  We were amazed at the details.  Our bus driver was outstanding, he contributed in making the week so successful.
Ronald & Maria Robb, Austin & Ashlyn

Our trip was totally amazing!  Everything was wonderful, from our totally awesome guides to the mind biggling overload of information and sites we visited to the wow bus driver.  You did such a great job providing an experience we’ll never forget and will relive for a lifetime.  Meals and hotels were great too, good planning.  Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!
Peg & Ren Kauer 

A wonderful trip and thanks to you and all the staff for your mammoth preparations to educate us and help it go smoothly (motel/food/flights/bus).  Thanks for this great experience.
Susan & Steve Tuft 

A big thank you to you and your staff for all the perfect preparations for our fabulous experience!  [Our guides] are amazing!!  I feel very fortunate to have been able to travel with them.  Thank you so much for everything.
Danitsa Finch 

We loved it!  We loved the temple trip and the visits at the two farms [England] and the local church and especially the couple in Wales!  I even made Welsh cakes for my grandkids the other day!  It was a great trip and well organized and planned.  Thanks for a great experience!
Lu Ann & Steve West 

Thank you for everything.  I pray I never lose the feelings that I had on this unbelievable trip. I am so grateful for the Gospel and folks like you in my life.
Charline Lamb 

I am so thankful for miracle after miracle that took place and are still taking place for our sweet tour family.  Thank you so much for such an amazing experience.  It was a privilege going with the tour and meeting all those wonderful people.
Suzette Pulsipher 

Kudos to [our guides].  They are great tour guides and awesome people.  I’m grateful.
Wendy Ward 

We loved it!  Keep us on your list.
Stan Judd 

I prayer I will never lose the feeling I had while on this most unbelievable trip with such great people.  Our guides were just wonderful and were there for each and every one of us.  Thanks for everything.
Charline Lamb 

We enjoyed the tour.  It exceeded all our expectations!  It was a wonderful fulfillment of a life-long dream for us.  Please thank all the staff for their overwhelming kindness.  Memories we will always treasure.
The Millers 

Thank you for such a wonderful trip.  We just loved it and already feel a “pull” to return back someday.  Thank you for all your efforts–we have such great memories.  I am sure our paths will cross again.
Fred Lowry 

Thank you.  You took really good care of us [in Israel].  Your program is wonderful!  I tell all my friends to go with you.  The spirit was wonderful, especially since we are now in the season of our Savior’s birth.  There are moments I rush back to places we’ve visited just to drink up all the sights, smells, sounds, and what I learned.  I appreciate that you care about bringing us closer to our Savior, that we have a spiritual experience.
Teryl Clark

A dream come true.  Thanks so much for taking good care of me.  We would someday like to go back.  It was great.
Kathy Cevering

It was a marvelous experience and we feel greatly blessed to have had our guides as our instructors.  They were superb!  We thoroughly enjoyed the daily seminars, readings, questions, use of a variety of historical and scriptural texts, and the thoughtful relating of the material to the sites visited.  We went seeking more in-depth explanation and we were well rewarded.  Mormon Heritage did a great job of providing all the significant behind-the-scenes work that is essential to a great experience.
Brooke & Jill Derr

An amazing trip!  Words can not express how much we enjoyed the trip and how much we learned.  Thanks again!
Brooke & Todd Nicol

I’m grateful to you and your amazing staff for the superb planning, organization, and carry-through of this trip as well as the others I have participated in.  I have never seen anything like it and tell my friends constantly that they haven’t really experienced these amazing places until they go with Mormon Heritage.  Many thanks for all you do and for the exceptional experience you provide in quantity and quality with so many EXTRAS!!  I have had an amazing faith-building experience!  I can’t wait for another opportunity to travel with Mormon Heritage!
Gail Groves

Thank you ever so much for all the time, effort, research, organizing, and anything else that went into making our tour so marvelous!!!!!!!!!!
Sharon Frandsen

Thanks to you all for the most amazing 11 days of my life.  [Awesome Israel tour]
Pam Owens

Our bus tour was beyond anything we expected.  I loved all of the places, the beautiful and touching narratives and histories, the beautiful music.  I loved everything.  I felt the spirit so strong all day long.  It was an amazing experience.  It was perfect in every way.
I waited more than 50 years to be able to see and actually be in the Sacred Grove.  It was awesome.  No words can express my feelings while there.
Marilyn Holman

Thank you for the best trip I have ever taken!  Excellent tour guides, they were kind and patient and shared so much information.  I was on a spiritual high for a week, I hated for it to end.  I will definitely take another tour with you.  Well organized and everything went smoothly.
Fae Roberts

We express our heart felt appreciation for the wonderful experience on tour with you.  Everything was planned so well to the smallest detail.  We came away with a stronger testimony.  Our guides made the trip complete.  Thank you.
Merlynn & Susan Jones, Tressa Seamons, Jennifer Barney, Laurie Pope, Megan Sumner

The tour was fabulous!!
Marie Biggs

My daughter and I so enjoyed the Priesthood Restoration tour.  Thank you for the opportunity–great company, great memories, great experience.  [Deposit check enclosed for her 3rd tour with us.]
Hazel Williams

We really enjoyed the tour; it was great getting to know you and the others.  We both have shared our thoughts, memories and feelings with many of our friends.  We made so many new friends on the trip and we had such a great experience.
Marv & Joanie Koechig

Thank you.  It was amazing.  I will never forget it.  I am forever grateful for this experience and will cherish these memories forever!
Ashley Hoch

We had never been on a Church history tour, and all I can say–“We would go again.”  We were very impressed with the organization, the guide, food, the bus driver, the people, all the sites we visited, and etc. etc.  Thanks so very much.
Tom & Elsie Williams

I loved the tour.  I learned so much.  I feel inspired to learn even more.  It was indeed wonderful and inspirational to hear the stories and the history while right there–where it took place.  Couldn’t ask for better tour guides.  Plus everyone on that tour was so kind, helpful, and pleasant it will always bring me joy to remember it.  Thanks.
LaRee Taylor

Thanks for the great tour and time together.
Diane and Frank Wall

We can’t adequately express how much this tour meant to us and the joy we had in seeing the sites and most importantly, feeling the Spirit.  Everything about the tour was excellent, spiritual, fun, and well organized.  It definitely strengthened our testimonies and truly taught us.  We loved our guides.  We enjoyed the readings and also being able to participate.  The people were wonderful.  We are looking forward to traveling with you again in the future!  Thank you!
Michelle and Chris Platt

Thanks for a fabulous trip.  Our guide did a fantastic job and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to go with.  The tour was well organized and our guide was very knowledgeable.
Heather McArthur

It has been almost 2 weeks since our tour ended and we are still on a spiritual high!  It was amazing!  Everything was so organized and the tour guides were all wonderful.  Couldn’t have been better.  Loved all the tour members, too.  Thank you.
Brent and Alicia Moon

I loved every bit of it.  Thank you and your fabulous team.  I was very happy with the organization, communication and customer service of all concerned and will definitely recommend these trips to others.
Pam Kennedy (Australia)

It was a wonderful trip and even though we had made the trip before, we learned many new facts.  Very spiritual and memorable.
Bryant and Arlene Davis

I was so very pleased with the opportunity to travel with [these] guides and also the wonderful experience with our great bus drivers.  Lasting friendships built.  I had such wonderful connection to everyone on the bus.  What a great joy!  Forever friends.  A treasured lifetime experience.  Definitely will do this trip with my husband…he just couldn’t get time off work this year!  But it will happen for sure!!
Liz Hall-Stites

It was worth every cent.  I loved the guides – they build a spiritual camaraderie.  And our bus driver was a terrific man.  Thank you all.
Tony Maez (phone call)

A truly awesome experience with very personal spiritual moments.  Thanks to all who helped organize the tour and to the great tour guides.
Leanne Hape (Australia)

Thanks.  The trip was most wonderful.  We loved every minute.  Our tour guides were the best ever.  We loved them.
Les & Lu Barber

Fantastic, wonderful.  Guides were great.  I wish I could go every year.
Dean Bolles (phone call)

Thanks again for a fabulous tour.  I really appreciated your organization and the great spirit we felt each day.
Julie Hales

We had a wonderful experience with the England tour.  The guides did a fantastic job and were such an impressive source of knowledge and inspiration.  We were impressed with the effort to include info about our ancestors.  All in all the trip was wonderful as we have come to expect from Mormon Heritage.  Thank you so much for enriching our lives.  [3rd tour with MHA.]
Harold & Lorrayne Ward

The trip was great, the weather was abominable, but that’s what you have to love about England!  Thanks for all your hard work and preparation.
Phil & Paula Wright

Loved, loved, loved this tour!  [Trek to Zion]  Told my husband when I got home that he is going on the next one.
Becky Doty

Our guides were superb!  It was especially enjoyable meeting the local experts and friends at various stops.  Thank you for a fabulous experience!
Ginger Weibell

I enjoyed the spirit always.  Plus all the information on the bus and at the sites.  Everyone was very knowledgeable.  It was one of the best trips of my life.  Thank you so much for everything.
Lila Seyersdahl

Thanks for a wonderful and informative tour.  It was nice to be with family learning about our ancestors from England and Wales.  Thank you for all your hard work and preparation.
Ruel & Kay Barker

We had a wonderful tour and our mentors were well prepared and willing to share their hard-learned information.
C. Lorenzo Pope

Thanks for a trip that will leave a lasting place in my heart.
Sherrie Spenst

We so enjoyed every drop of trek, the histories, the preparation.
Dan & Carolyn Anderson

Our tour [Trek to Zion] was really awesome and so very informative.  Our guides did such a great job with all the places and information and testimony given.  We very much appreciate all the extras and attention to detail and hours of work you all put into these tours.  We look forward to additional tours.
John & Kristy Lamb

The tour was truly amazing!  Our guide was so great and it was fun to have him sing!!  Thanks so much for everything!
Julene Maddocks

Thank you for the wonderful trip!  Everything was so organized and well planned.  We couldn’t have asked for a better tour guide!  So knowledgeable.  We learned so much.  We also enjoyed the group.  Everyone was great.  In fact, we enjoyed every minute of the tour!
Jeff & DaNece Maag

Just a note of appreciation for the wonderful itinerary and presentations.  It was incredible–informative as well as uplifting.  Thank you, thank you!
Sally Madsen

Had a great time.  Our guide was wonderful as well as everyone else.  A super group!!!
Lurlene Gutke

Thank you!  We had a wonderful time!
Julie Hansen

Thank you for an excellent, fun-filled, packed, and spiritually uplifting Nauvoo tour.  Our tour guide made the trip super enjoyable with her ‘youthful’ enthusiasm.  I came on the tour expecting to learn and grow.  My expectations were exceeded.  My testimony of Joseph Smith deepened rather than increased.
John Dean

Israel was just amazing!  I would definitely love to go again.  I loved the guides as well.  It was an all around awesome trip.  Thanks so much.
Megan Judd

Thanks so much!  It was a transformative event in my life.  The trip greatly strengthened our testimonies and increased our knowledge about the restoration of the gospel.
Lanny Hildebrandt

We had a wonderful time and are glad for all the information we learned and the sites we were able to see.
Tom & Judy Simper

Thank you for a wonderful trip.  Everything was just perfect from the accommodations, the food, the fantastic guides, and of course the historical sites.  We were amazed and uplifted by the sites and the things that we learnt about the Church.  Our coach party were all very friendly and a pleasure to live with for twelve days.  In particular, our testimonies were strengthened, and our love for the prophet Joseph Smith and his great sacrifice will remain with us as sure testimony that the Church is true.
Sally & Jim Shields (United Kingdom)

Thank you, we enjoyed our trip so much, it will always be a special memory of sweet new friends and wonderful church history taught by the spirit of those sacred places.
Sandi Isaacson

Thanks for talking me into coming–the trip is truly AWESOME!  I learned so much.
Vangie Donohue

Each day we recall something that touched us.  Taking the sacrament yesterday immediately brought back the BYU Center last week.  Thank you so much for providing such a quality experience.  We will never read the scriptures the same again.  It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience with everlasting testimonial results.
Don Peterson

We had the most amazing time in a country that I still can’t believe we were actually in!! [Israel]  Thank goodness I have pictures for proof.  Thank you for being our guide, we couldn’t have asked for better no matter how we tried!!!!  Everything added by all the guides was so meaningful and gave us much more than we even thought possible with their insights and EXTRA knowledge.  the group became part of our family.  We will treasure this adventure as number one… until we do it again.
Bob & Julie Allred

Thank you for the wonderful trip.  It was everything and more.  It’s always a bit apprehensive joining a tour on your own, but the group could not have made me feel more welcome.  You provided us with so much information I feel enthusiastic for the New Testament study.
Lesley Leith

A great experience not to be forgotten.
Andre Walters

Thank you for a wonderful tour.  We talk about all we saw and learned.  Of all the trips we have taken around the world, I would place this in my top three.  We have been with other companies which had us bring our own food and they added expenses.  Mormon Heritage is so smart to have the food.  We hope to go on another adventure with your company.  We highly recommend your company.
Bob & Teryl Clark

Our whole family felt welcome and we learned so much.  We still can’t stop talking about it.  I appreciate especially the thoughtful concern of our guides.  How grateful I am for being able to go to the Holy Land and learn of the life of our Savior.
Lynne Jorgensen

Thank you again for accommodating our family on the Israel trip.  We learned so much and really enjoyed getting to know the other tour members.  Our tour guides took very good care of us.  Such an interesting experience, visiting the Holy Land.  Thank you again.
Brooke Neal

Absolutely wonderful!  Everything was planned so well and went like clockwork.  We knew we were taken care of and left all the worries to you.  We all were just enjoying ourselves.  The sites and information were inspiring.  Your tour guides (and the bus drivers) couldn’t have been any better.  We loved them all.  Thank you!
Nancy Braithwaite

Thank you so much for making this trip to wonderful and accommodating ALL our needs.  The motels were superb, the food great, and the entire trip very spiritual for us.  It was very well planned out.  We loved doing the different parts and feeling “a part” of the group.  We will definitely recommend you to our family and friends.
Fran & Hal Christensen

Thank you for a wonderful tip.  We appreciate the time & effort that was put into the organization so that everything ran smoothly.  We loved the spiritual presentations at each site we visited.  It was like a full six days of being fed spiritually.  We each learned a lot and are still talking about our adventure with you.  We hope to take the rest of the trip-Missouri to Nauvoo-next year.  We loved the whole tour!  A fabulous experience.
Ray & Mavis Huffman

We had an outstanding experience on this tour.  Thank you.
Mary & Bob Gray

Thank you for a most wonderful and well organized tour.  Mum and I thoroughly enjoyed it and by the end we felt like family with all the other members of the tour.  Our tour guides and bus drivers were fabulous.  Thank you for a life changing and faith promoting tour.
Anthea Wilcox

Thanks for your expertly organized tour.  It was a great trip!  I especially want to thank our guide for his wonderful narration.  I learned a great deal during the tour.  He was always easy to listen to and follow.  I would be happy to recommend your tour to friends.
Joan K

We had a great trip and really appreciate all you did on our behalf.  Thanks.
Scott & Louise Sowards

Thank you for a wonderful, inspiring tour of historic sites of the restoration.  It was an amazing adventure with great people.  Niagara and Elmira College were delightful.  We truly enjoyed Karl Anderson’s presentation.  It is surprisingly revealing in the prophecies and appearances in Kirtland.  I will research and value it so much more after this trip.  Thanks again for a spiritual experience.  We enjoyed it very much.
Kent Larsen

Wonderful tour!!!  I have been spreading the word to all my friends.  This has been one of the highlights of my life.  It has been on my “bucket list” for a long time.  It was fabulous.  Wonderful and unforgettable.
Dodee LeSueur

Thank you for the wonderful way everything was presented and all the prep that it took to put on such a great trip.  I really had a great time.  The weather couldn’t have been better and the people, we just fell in love with them all.  The guides were so knowledgeable and helpful and just so patient with us all.  There were so many beautiful and awesome things to see.  You guys did a great job.
Roni Boucher

Thank you for this beautiful trip.  I loved every minute and I learned so much.  I am looking forward to traveling with you in the future.  How thoughtful to create that binder with so much wonderful and necessary information.
Ann Ashleigh

We learned so much and had so many uplifting experiences on the trip and we want to share them.  Thanks for all your work in putting together the tour and researching – you make it a wonderful experience!
Jim & Peggy Manriquez

The tour directors were fantastic and it was absolutely delightful to get to know all the great people that traveled with us.  The timing on the itinerary was excellent and things went very smoothly.  My love for the Prophet Joseph Smith and our heritage as members of the Church grew immensely.
LaDell & Sid Winward

It was a fabulous trip–enjoyed by all.  Our guides were great – very nice, flexible.
Jack Renouf

A great experience!!  The marvelous planning of activities, meals, hotels, etc. were great.  Our guides did a great job.  We thoroughly enjoyed our Mormon Trek and have a better appreciation of the pioneer experiences.
Judy & Kent Player

Thank you so much for everything.  We enjoyed every moment.  We came home with a strengthened testimony of church history and prayer.  We so needed that spiritual experience.
Steve & Karla Kimball

Thanks for the England & Wales tour of 2014.  For us, every aspect of the experience was beyond our expectations.  Our guides and caretakers listened, responded, researched, and facilitated so much learning for us.  They are caring men who provided many opportunities historically, culturally, and spiritually.  We have experienced nothing as profound in our past travels.  The variety of history, missionary, and Bible sites kept us attentive.  Our guides added flexibility and humor to each day and really cared about each of us on the tour.  They were not self-important and traveled with us as friends.  They helped us appreciate each other and supported our many requests.  We continue to reflect on our good fortune to be included in all that happened during the tour.
Mona Clark

The bus driver and tour guide were very nice and helpful.  Our guide knows so much about the history.
Pat Ward

I can’t thank you enough.  Your planning was perfect and we were able to see all that we had hoped to see.  We appreciate the instruction of our guide; he was so knowledgeable about Church History.  He was so nice and so patient with the children and all that we asked of him, we all love and appreciate him.  I have been on a lot of bus tours and this bus was by far the nicest one I have ever seen.  I loved the vignettes of the early Saints that were read during the travel and we learned a lot.  The hotels were nice and comfortable and the buffets plentiful and really appreciated.  We all agree that being together to visit all those sacred sites was a little glimpse of heaven.  I was sorry to see it end.
Sharon Rasmussen (took her family of 58 people!)

The trip was fantastic.  The sites were inspiring.  The tour guide was extremely helpful and patient.  The bus was first class and comfortable.  The accommodations were great.  The food was plentiful.  The weather was perfect.  We are all very grateful for your putting this together for us.  We will always cherish these precious memories of our time together in such sacred places.
Daniel Rasmussen

We have been reliving each day this week [after the tour].  It was definitely one of the highlight life experiences and our guide was the BEST.  The experience was everything promised and more.  I hope we can travel with you again.
Dorrie Emmons

Fantastic trip.  Thank you, again.
Andy & Judy Ball

I loved the whole tour.  I loved our guide.
January Stratton

What a fantastic tour that was!  Just amazing.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Mary Morris

The tour was fabulous!!!!  We were well taken care of and treated very royally.  There were so many stories and experiences that made the tour so very special.  We would not have heard those stories without our guide’s expertise!
Patty Winks

An amazing experience.  I will never forget it.  We had a wonderful group of people to tour with.  So glad we could go.  I will always recommend Mormon Heritage to all my friends and family.
Vicki Godfrey

Our guides were awesome.  We learned so much.  We had a great time.  We really enjoyed the stories.  Thank you.
Anna Walser

I went into the tour pretty much being dragged along by my wife.  I just could not see me enjoying myself with a group of old people on a bus singing.  You know I have an image I have to live up to (Ha Ha).  As the journey continued, I must say I had a change of heart.  How could anyone be grumpy visiting these sacred sites and hearing of all the pain and suffering of the early Saints?  By the time we reached Nauvoo I was truly overcome by the power of this great message and the camaraderie of those on the bus.  As I got over my negative attitude and allowed the spirit to teach I began to feel and understand in a more powerful way all that the early Saints had to bear.  I had some amazing experiences in Nauvoo that I won’t soon forget!  I was able to find plots of ground where my ancestors lived and toiled.  A sweet experience!  I felt my ancestors pleading with me to never give up and to always trust the Lord!  This is a trip I will never forget and I must say my testimony has been strengthened by this wonderful experience!  Everyone on the bus was so kind and thoughtful.  We made new friends that we will cherish forever.  Our guide was so humble and kind and really helped us to appreciate all the things we were seeing and feeling.  A big Thank You for helping me to understand I could enjoy and learn even in an uncomfortable situation.  I realized my image has not been tarnished but polished from this amazing experience.  Thank you, again.
The Daleys

Thank you for the wonderful trip, it was AMAZING!
Lorraine Durrant

Thanks to our guide for the extraordinary help.  He is such a gentle, spiritual person to be around.
Juanita Despain

I had a wonderful time.  I am so impressed with how the tour was organized.  The readings and vignettes were informative and encouraged the spirit.  We had such an awesome group on the tour!  The food was wonderful and the hotels comfortable and clean.  Our guide was wonderful!  He was so full of information and so willing to share it.  He was always pleasant.  He often added information, he let us know what to look for at the next site.  It added to the fun and the spirit.  He helped us notice everything and learn so much.  What a great experience.  I loved being in new places and seeing all those places that I had only heard about and seen in pictures.
Vicki Eccles

The tour was wonderful.  Our guide was wonderful.  Fun trip, new friends, stronger testimony of Joseph Smith.  It was so good and very organized.  I loved it!!!
Tami Hutchison

The tour was great.  We learned a lot.  Our guide was a walking dictionary in regard to Church history.  I view things in relation to time and space.  The space is always there, but as time moves along, events take place in the space.  It was humbling to know we were occupying the same space, but in a different time, as the Prophet and church leaders and our ancestors did in the 1830 sand 1840s.  Thanks for all you do.
Faye & Julian Anderson

Thank you for the incredible tour.  We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, it will be an experience we will never forget!  Our guide was incredible; he kept everything running so smoothly not to mention his vast knowledge, sweet and calm demeanor with the sensitivity to not put our brains into overload.  MHA is a class act with every detail from the accommodations, food, itinerary etc. so well done!  We really couldn’t have asked for anything more!
Melanie & Rod Richardson

We appreciate all that was done for us on this tour.  We enjoyed our time with the tour guide and the group.  The bus driver was exceptional.  This was a very instructional, learning tour as well as a spiritual experience for us.
Debra & Stephen Olsen

It was fun to travel with great people, to joke around, to sing together and to feel the spirit.  The organizing of the tour was very impressive, very well done.  I especially like the way we traveled in chronological order.  I appreciated that a lot.  It was a great experience we will always treasure.
Susan Neilson

The best trip!  Our guide has a really good spirit, it was extra special.  He was so good to the tour members and so in tune to them.
Ilona Thayne

Thank you for making our trip so special.  It truly was a trip of a lifetime.  We did things I never dreamed I would be able to do.  A magnificent experience.  Thank you again.
Debbie Skillin

Thank you.  Nearly every day in my seminary class [as a teacher] I think of something to share about Awesome Israel.  Those special, spiritual feelings just don’t go away.  We feel so blessed to have been on that trip.  Thank you.
Betty Bringhurst

Having just returned from an amazing trip to Israel, I want to thank you for providing us with the wonderful places we had lunch.  As a diabetic, I appreciated the healthy food and I could not have done this tour bringing “snacks from home” during the day.  You guys are the best!  I will recommend this trip to my friends any time.  There were so many highlights for us, it’s hard to pick one as “the favorite.”  To see this land, meet its people and have the past and present explained to us and connect was truly an unforgettable experience.  You gave us a lot to think about.  The readings added so much to our understanding of what the scriptures had written about.  It was fun to participate reading in these special places.
Carla Henrichsen

Your “Awesome Israel” tour in February 2014 was really awesome.  We really enjoyed it very much.  The tour was very educational and very spiritual with excellent guides and participation of tour members in prayers and singing hymns.  The tour was very well organized.  We are already considering signing up for a tour with MHA in the near future.  We will be glad to recommend you to all our friends.  Thanks for a wonderful time.
Mohan & Linda Anantatmula

My mind is still reeling.  It will take me a lifetime to absorb and appreciate the things we experienced.  Thank you!!
Pam Nuttall

The perfect tour.  We have loved every minute.
Gail & Graham Nicholl

Thank you Mormon Heritage for an experience that will never be forgotten.
Cheryl Jenkins

Thank you for all you did to give us a very happy and memorable trip.  We had such a wonderful and spiritual experience.  We will remember this tour for a long time to come with gratitude to the Lord for electing us to be a part of it.  It was a wealth of information and knowledge.  Your professionalism is unsurpassed.
Virginia Sterling

We had an unforgettable time and will always cherish your friendship and kindness.
Hans & Gayle Flink

This tour was so much more than I expected and so much more than advertised.  We had no idea we would be so richly fed spiritually.  Our guide was simply a gift.  I cannot express adequately how grateful we feel for him.  I felt like I was in a week-long Sunday School class of the highest caliber.  I am still amazed at the organization of this entire trip.  I honestly loved every part of this tour.  I couldn’t get enough.
Liz Freeman

[Our tour guide] was amazing.  Very knowledgeable and insightful.  I enjoyed listening to him as he shared his knowledge.  I saw things I would have probably never seen and I learned new things and truly had a wonderful and spiritual experience.  To be there in the places where things took place was more real to me and I could really start to wonder what it would have been like to be there then.  I truly felt the spirit so many times and I know that it strengthened my testimony in many ways.  It was a growing experience.  Now that I am home, I want to go again.
Stacie Esplin

What a wonderful eight days.  We’ll never forget it and the new friends.  Thanks.
Rick & Virginia Phelps

Our family keeps reliving our special moments of being together with the tour group.  What a marvelous time for each of us.  It was superbly planned out.  Each day was full of spiritual feasting.  There is no way I can actually describe how thankful I was to have gone.  Thank you.
VaLois Glover

A truly remarkable experience.  While we have very high expectations, we could not have imagined just how wonderful an experience it ended up being.  There were so many highlights.  It was a powerful experience I will remember forever.
Bruce Slater

While we have been to many places in the world, none has been as impactful as our trip to Israel.  There hasn’t been a day go by that we don’t think about it.  Our trip was enhanced by a new “family” which includes all of you [the tour group].
Greg Prawitt

I enjoyed our trip to England and especially meeting all of you.  Great people to travel with, you all added something special.  It was exciting to share all those little miracles we had with good people.
Della Fay

Thank you so much!  It’s so great to have so many new friends and thanks for all your hard work for us.
Rickey & Annette Hoyle

We had a great time–learning so much and absorbing a great deal by being at such important sites in Church History.  Our guide was an excellent tour director, sharing information and insights in a very friendly and spiritually-charged manner.  The on-bus and on-site presentations were valuable.
Terry & Sally Tomlinson

Thank you for a really great trip.
Bill Robinson

A wonderful, spiritual, and educational tour!!!  Well put together and well done.
Carolyn & Gene Johnson

We had a wonderful time and couldn’t be happier with the whole experience.  Our guides and driver were awesome.  They did a great job of educating us and making sure that things ran smoothly.  We will definitely recommend you to our friends and are seriously considering signing up for another tour.
Larry & Kathy Bowler

Thank you.  I have such a great love and respect for our guides.  It was life-changing for me.  So much fun!
DeLora Cameron

We have been blessed to have this remarkable experience.  An incredible time with great leaders.  Well done.  We look forward to a continued friendship.
Kent & Penny Larsen

A big THANK YOU to everyone at Mormon Heritage for hosting a wonderful tour.  We would love to travel with you again.
Ted & Shelley Milton

The trip was wonderful!  The tour guides were so informative and it was a thrilling to see all of the sites.  We appreciate all the work to make everything run so smoothly.  The accommodations and the meals were excellent.  We loved every minute of it.  Thank you.
Julie Low

We had a wonderful time.
Paula Young

I had seen many of the sites ten years prior on a self-guided tour.  This was far better because of the knowledgeable guide, time savings in meals and motel selection and the lesser-known sites we saw and perks from being part of a tour.  The best part, however, was having us participate in readings and helping with luggage, keys, or meals.  I observed my 82-year-old aunt practice her reading each  night so she could deliver it with feeling.  Thank you for a memorable time and we will be taking the Nauvoo trip next year!
Ruth Cook

I am convinced I participated in something far better than I ever imagined and hoped for.  I ponder on what I saw and felt and tears come easily.  It was a gargantuan spiritual week and I’m grateful for your hard work and selflessness to bring it to us… to me.
Z Stewart

Thank you for the best two weeks of our lives, feeling the spirit every minute of every day, and growing closer to Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and each other.  We expected the tour to be great, but we had no idea how great it would be.
Susan D’Andrea

We really loved our tour experience.  Thank you so very much!!!
Barbara Orvin

We were SOOOOOO impressed with everyone and everything on the tour.  We are most interested in next year’s tour.
Don & Sharon McClelland

Thank you.  We loved every minute of it.
Duane Hendrickson

Thanks again.  What a wonderful time we had!  It really was a great experience.
Paul Rowley

What a wonderful trip.  We were just a group of people – by the end of the trip we were good friends.
Sharon Hansen

It’s been over a week since returning home and I still think about this tour every day!  There we were in the Kirtland temple where the priesthood powers used in the temple were restored.  My feelings in the Kirtland temple were tender and special, and I was able to appreciate that even more in the temple [back home] after having that experience on the tour.
Lisa Christensen

Since coming home I can’t help but review–over and over–the important lessons I learned on our trip.  I think of those amazing pioneer women.  My respect for those sisters took another giant leap!  I can’t get enough of reading the Doctrine & Covenants accounts of the people we learned more about.  I am humbled by the goodness of those people and the ones we shared a bus and our lives with for those 6 days.  Thank you all!  I keep thinking about the next tour.  I can hardly wait to see Nauvoo!
Patti Hartford

I felt a little sadness as I returned home – I absolutely loved being with each of you [in the group].  I will cherish the laughing, sharing, and your forever friendships.  I was in total awe being at all of the sites and being able to now put a face on all of those places that I have heard about over the years.  To also now have a place in my heart for the feelings given by the Spirit – to me, and of the sacredness of those places.  I hope I am a different person now – that I can share a stronger testimony of those things I know to be true.  So grateful for the opportunity.
Debra Hochstrasser

We feel a deeper love of the gospel and the saints of the restoration.  They went through so many trials and made so many sacrifices.  Joseph Smith’s family story alone pulls at the heart strings.  It was so meaningful to see the places where important events happened and understand more fully what happened and where it happened and why.  Every place we visited had a spiritual feeling similar to being in the temple.  The highlight for me was the Susquehanna River.  That touched my heart deeply as I thought of my Savior and all He means to me.  We appreciate all we learned.  It was good to participate in the tour.
Naomi and Mike Bass

I am telling everybody to go with Mormon Heritage!  Our guide was like an encyclopedia.  Fabulous!  We fell in love with every person on the bus – we joked, hugged, loved, and cried together.
Judy Boyle

Such a great trip – information-packed.  We never could have done all that on our own.
Tamara Bell

We enjoyed every minute – it was all so marvelous.  Our guide was fantastic.  I can’t put it into words.  The meals were extremely good.
Margaret Nichols

We had a wonderful time and are so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the group.
Terry & Christy Mills

The tour was wonderful and for us the trip of a lifetime and beyond all expectation.  We read daily from the booklets reliving the moments and experiences that have so expanded our knowledge and strengthened our testimonies.  Our guide did an excellent job.  We shall do all we can to promote your services.
Barry & Janet Wilson

We had a wonderful time and met so many nice people.  It didn’t take long for all of us to get connected and be a family.  The tour at Mt Pisgah was very enlightening.  Thanks.
Norma Bench

It was a very inspired tour and we would have never been able to go and learn the things we did on our own.  THANKS!!  I am amazed at the testimony and intelligence of our guide.  He was able to answer and share so much about church history and gospel doctrine.  We look forward to touring with you again.
Renee & Tim Chase

Our guide is amazing.  He is soooooo good at what he does.  I had a wonderful time.  I hope to be able to tour again!
Rhonda Imlay

We loved visiting the sites which became so much more meaningful with the vignettes and histories that you have organized.  We have some special moments in our hearts.  We are so glad we chose Mormon Heritage tours and hope one day to join you again.  We have no reservations about recommending your tours to friends.  Many thanks.
Peter & Frances Burt

Thank you so very much for the effort to plan and make the tour so enjoyable.  It was very well planned and it seemed that you prepared for the extras that made it that much more enjoyable.  The accommodations and food were very good.  We did not know what to expect, but were very pleased.
Brent & Geri Cartwright

What an experience.  I have not felt the spirit so much and so forceful in my life….it really has been a strength to my testimony.  Everything has just been wonderful.
Raymond Overson

Thanks for a very well organized and educational experience.
Ron & Sharon Braithwaite

Thank you for the most awe inspiring trip.  Our guide was incredible!  I learned so very much and felt so much inspiration, I have gained a great testimony of the Prophet Joseph and the sacrifices he and the saints made to establish this gospel on the earth once more.  I am looking forward to going next year.
Catherine Nelson

We have traveled with MHA 2 different times …amazing trip of a lifetime… most wonderful opportunity … I felt the spirit of the Lord so strongly as we sang “The Spirit of God” [in the Kirtland Temple].  I was so overcome with the spirit that day.  This truly helped my testimony grow stronger.  I will never forget it.  Thanks so much MHA for the great experience you have provided.
Margaret Davies

[Our Israel tour] is an experience that I will not soon forget.  It added so much “color” to my reading of the scriptures and has renewed my interest in studying the Old and New Testaments as well as other writings.  I have a renewed interest as well in understanding the prophecies of the Second Coming.  What a wonderful time it was!!!
Greg & Debbie Prawitt

Thank you for a great tour of Israel.
Ron Arrington

Thank you again for a wonderful experience.  We will definitely share your name with friends and family.
Jenn McPherson 

Excellent tour guide who we learned to love and respect greatly.  His insights into each venue tied together all that we saw.  The tour format is excellent.  The food is excellent.  We made some new friends and had an unforgettable experience.  I have a renewed appreciation of the sacrifices that our forebears endured.  I would recommend this tour to all.  We look forward to more Mormon Heritage tours in the future.
Ric and Jennifer Bryce

An incredible journey!  Simply wonderful!
Ryan Harmer

A great tour.  There were tears and lots of laughing which makes for a successful tour.
Noel and Carol Ann Flint

Even better than I expected.  I can’t believe how much we got to see!  Everything was great!
Mark Eubank

A wonderful experience.  Our guides did a great job.  The research, the narration, the group participation was all terrific!  You have put together a gold mine with outstanding service.
Bob Van Sweden

It was a great spiritual experience for which we are grateful.  [We had] a great guide, we enjoyed his explanations.
Juan and Virginia Pelaez

To learn so much is a great eye opening experience.  Thank you, and we will be back.
Bonnie Thornock

My mind and heart are reeling and overflowing – it is a wonderful feeling!  My mind is constantly thinking about all the places and things we did and I dream about it at night.  Wonderful trip.  Memorable experience.  I will never be the same.  The places I have read about in the Old and New Testament have come to life.
Mertice Berry

Our family had a fantastic time!  We enjoyed the association of all members of the tour, especially our guide and driver who did their job so well.
Laura Tolman

A spiritual high!  I am still in awe of the wonderful things that we were able to do.
Ruth Fidler

We had a great time and I am so happy that we have these memories to share together.  I will treasure the spiritual experiences I had, a few which are very tender to me.
Diane Tenney

Thanks so much again for everything you did to make our tour a success.  We recommend you so highly.
Danelle Richards

I’m still on a spiritual high from our trip to Israel.  Even being back at work today hasn’t taken the glow away.  It’s wonderful to share with family and friends some of the amazing things we did.  It was an experience I’ll always remember.  Thank you for organizing such a wonderful trip.
Jan McBride

A great tour.  So well organized.  We had a wonderful experience.  Everything worked out so well, it was well planned to the minute.  I have gone twice before {on my own} and this was the BEST!  Thank you.
Eva Doolin

There are feelings, thoughts, impressions, insights, that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.  My testimony has been strengthened.  [Our guide] is an incredibly inspired leader.  There are no suggestions I can think of in the way of improvement.  Superlatives just don’t express how much I really loved this experience.  So I just simply say, Thank you!
Jay Farnes

Fantastic!  We had such a wonderful, fun, and spiritual experience.
Meechelle Talbot

A once in a lifetime experience.  It is not often that as an adult one shares such an experience–we now have emails to share and remind each other of the faithfulness of families such as the Smiths, Youngs, Kimballs.  I really feel I know the key players in church history.
Faith Burger

We loved the tour and all the little extras, no I take that back, a grundle of extras that we wouldn’t have been offered if we were on our own.  Our guide was precious!  He amazed me and I will forever love him.  Thank you for a trip of a lifetime.  You guys are wonderful!
Myra Heaton

This tour was the most wonderful thing I have done for myself in my whole life.  The guide was right on top of everything, the scenery was beautiful, the information extremely helpful and I wish I were back there again.  Thank you ever so much for this marvelous experience.
Anna Schwartz

A wonderful week.  We so enjoyed the participation of tour members.  Our guide was wonderful and shared many insights that added to the tour.  It was a spiritual, enlightening and fun experience.  We also liked going in one direction without back-tracking over places previously visited.  Some of the unexpected and out of the way places such as Garden Grove and Mt Pisgah were a welcome addition to the tour.  Thanks for a most enjoyable week.
Ralph and Margene Boren

I thank everyone involved for an experience so great words cannot express.  Family and friends have asked what was my favorite part and I cannot say because it was all so wonderful.  I felt uplifted, happy, and full of energy.  My soul rejoiced.  My testimony of the restoration and of the gospel has been truly strengthened.  I have such a great appreciation toward the saints for what they went through to hold onto the faith.
Marilyn Thompson

The tour exceeded our expectations.  It was powerful, testimony-strengthening and most enjoyable.  Thanks so much–words cannot cover our appreciation for all and how much it is affecting our lives and those of others we are sharing with.
Janet McKinnon

It was wonderful!  Our guide did an outstanding job and I learned a lot.
Linda Winn

Keep up the good work.  We’ve been recommending you like crazy.
Janeil & Eldon Olsen

A marvelous experience.
Ken Olsen

I enjoyed the tour a lot.  All the people seemed special and I will remember them forever.  This seemed marvelous.
Maria Calderon Ramirez

I have truly never had such a wonderful educational experience.  I thought I knew quite a bit about our pioneer ancestors but I learned a great deal more and am so grateful to your organization for the chance to go on this trip.  It was marvelous!
Joan Crane

We will look forward to joining Mormon Heritage on other tours.  May the Lord bless you and all your staff for a perfect spiritual experience.
Randy & Lois Eberhard

My testimony has been strengthened one more time.  I am grateful, the tour went so smoothly.
Maree Walker

It was far better than we ever imagined.  It was like we were all family.
Lynn Barker

This trip really has changed the way I see the gospel and my life.
Maria Velasquez Rosas

The trip was terrific!!!  I can’t stop telling everyone about it.
Sheila Drage

This tour gave me a foundation of understanding that I will carry throughout life.
Andy Whitehorn

It truly was an amazing and unforgettable trip.  Thank you for a wonderful tour experience.
Peggy & Merrill Evans

Thank you for the great tour.  We enjoyed it and have recommended your tour to others.  It is similar to comparing listening to a ball game on the radio or going to the game.  I was also impressed with the effort and finances that our church leaders are spending to help members and non-members feel the history of our early church.  It has to be very important to our leaders to make these experiences available to all.
Robert & Anita Rindlisbacher

Awesome.  Outstanding.  Exceptional.  Excellent.  The experience was a very positive one.  I have already recommended your tour and I will continue to do so.
Tab Nielsen

What a wonderful experience it was!!  We enjoyed Israel, the tour and guides, and the fellow travelers.  Thank you so very much for a once in a lifetime experience.  You do great work.
Gale & Glenda Hakes

Thank you for the wonderful Israel trip.  You are a great tour leader and brought such a wonderful attitude and spirit for all of us to enjoy.  It was such a joy to travel with you.  Thanks for an amazing trip.
Nancy Green

Thanks again.  You had things so well organized and things just seemed to flow along without snags.  It was wonderful.  I don’t think I will ever forget the feelings on the Sea of Galilee and the Garden Tomb.  The whole trip was the best.
NaDene Archibald

Thanks for a wonderful and very memorable trip.
Ernie Chambers

Great tour!!  We really enjoyed the wonderful things we did.  What everyone said was right:  you will never read the Bible the same after being in the Holy Land.
Ben & Paula Brossard

What a journey it was–and still is.  I’ll be processing it for a long time.  Someone asked what my single most significant experience was.  An impossible question, of course.  So I simply told her the list is HORIZONTAL!
Jeannette Nichol

Thanks for such a wonderful tour of Israel.  We’re still on cloud nine of memories and feelings.
Mark & Carolyn Zaugg

It was sooo good.  We have a better appreciation of our British heritage and the impact of the Church with those converts.  We cannot express in words the wonderful sites of early Church history settings in England and the gracious hosting to give excellent tid-bits about the translation of the Bible into English–and in the very room.
Paul & MarJean King

Excellent arrangements.  The sites were truly sights to behold, the food was great, excellent tour guide, travel arrangements went well, and the spiritual connections were something never to be forgotten.
Steve & Sandra Larsen

It was amazing!  I’ll be referring everyone to Mormon Heritage–what a great program!
Liz Carlston

We had a wonderful time, it exceeded our expectations.  It was a truly special time for us all.  I would recommend your company to anyone with total confidence that they will receive the same excellent service as we did.
Mal & Val Dearden

Teriffic!!!  I can’t stop telling everyone about it.  I hope we can do another one.
Sheila Drage

I truly have never had such a wonderful, educational experience.  I thought I knew quite a bit about the sufferings and hardships of our pioneer ancestors but I learned a great deal more and am so grateful to you for the chance to go on this trip.  It was marvelous!
Joan Crane

It was great.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.
Olsen family

We so enjoyed the trip with you.  We are very happy to have seen so many site of church history in such a scholarly fashion.  May the Lord Bless you.
Norma & Murray Fenton

A complete success!
Dyan & Rick Townsend

I just loved the tour.  I loved all the sights.  My testimony has been strengthened one more time.  The tour went so smoothly.  Thank you for all that you did for us.
Maree Walker

From the first song and prayer on the coach in Kansas City before going to Independence, I could tell this would be a wonderful experience.  The next five days proved to be one of the greatest experiences of our marriage.  The Nauvoo tour was great – and more memorable.  It was a spiritual feast from beginning to end.
Don Bigelow

Well planned and well worth every minute.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.
Nancy Vance

We think of the experience each day and out of all the many trips we have been on, this will always be our favorite.  Every experience was meaningful.
Frances & Edward Patterson

An absolutely marvelous tour!  We were not disappointed with any aspect.  Our tour director was very knowledgeable and inspirational.  The tour was well organized and the printed material was excellent.
Kent & Hanne Gygi

This trip really has changed the way I see the gospel and my life!
Ale Velasquez

It was excellent.  The more I think about the tour it becomes even more special in my memory.  We have told many people about our choice experience with you.  I can’t think of anything I would change.
Dean and Virginia Hill

I don’t feel like I have been on just a trip to Israel–it was like a ‘study abroad’!
June Denny

It was a wonderful experience we learned so much and enjoyed the sweet spirit of our Heavenly Father every day.
Gayle Wilson

[We] had a wonderful experience on our tour.  Great tour guides!  We really couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  Thank you!
Cindy Toronto

It was such a spiritual experience for our whole family. . . .We appreciated your warmth and openness to having children on the trip.  Hearing some of their comments and listening to some of their journal entries, I’m sure the Spirit was touching their hearts . . .
the Bezdjian family

It was a life-changing experience.
Roger and Leda Brockbank

It put my mind and spirit in a different place.  I was awed by the sacrifices of the early saints.  They did what was asked of them and so must we, in this very different time period.
Anadeane Galbraith

There are no words to express our thanks. This was not a trip. It was an adventure into the past. We appreciate your attention to details, the knowledge you shared, but most of all the spirit we felt. Thank you, Thank you –
G.R. and Jean Mather

Thank you so very much for taking the time to plan & carry out the Butterfield tour. For me, it was perfect in every way.
Kay Hadley

Words really cannot express my sincere thanks for such a tour. Words cannot express my appreciation for the wonderful trip and experience I had touring church history sites. . . I particularly noticed my feelings when I read the vignette about Mary Fielding. I had read it over a number of times before the trip, but when I was reading it in front of the group at Far West, it was hard to control my emotions. . .
Afton Ferris
(assigned the Mary Fielding role at the Far West Temple site).

I am still basking in the warmth of the spirit.  My testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith has tripled 3 times in size.  My heart now swells when I think of the restoration of the gospel.  I am reminded of the miracles that took place.  This tour was magnificent!
Karla Tanner

I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for all your hard work and worrying in putting together this amazing tour; and most especially for the special reverence and spirituality that you brought to each moment of those five glorious days. Truly, this was one of the spiritual highlights of my life and at a time when it was most needed and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Carol O. Eccles

I loved every minute!
Debbie Cook

Not only is it marvelous to visit Church history sites and through documented enactments personally relive the events of those valiant Saints, but to do so in the company of present friends and neighbors, is truly a life altering experience.
Ron and Nancy Bouck

No monetary value could be put on the enrichment and enlightenment we received this past week It was priceless. It was a life-changing event.
Dan & Sheila Roberts & Family

I had so much fun and learned so very much, it was the greatest!!!
Jane Beagley

This note is long overdue. I was so excited about the trip and knew I should write a note but just didn’t know where to start. I was so overwhelmed with all we saw and did and the feelings I had could not be expressed in words and still I don’t know if those feelings can ever be expressed in words.
Gwen Reid

We really had the greatest spiritual trip of our lives. We cannot express our gratitude but will try with Thank you so very much.
Ron & Louise Nelson

Words really cannot express my sincere thanks to you for such an inspirational tour. I shall never forget it. The tour was perfect. I am so grateful.
Fern Lambert