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Money well spent?

Money well spent?

With Winter blahs hitting, it seems the travel bug comes right along with it!  The new year brings out the calendars in most of us and many are starting to schedule their vacations for the year.  It’s a good time to do so!

Price is always one of the most important aspects in deciding on a vacation.  Then, after deciding upon a budget, it seems that’s when people ask themselves what sort of “experience” they would like to have.

When searching your travel options, be sure to ask all the pertinent questions:

-Is this something we can afford?

-Am I getting the best value for my dollars?

-Will this travel be just “for fun” or will it be a “life-changing experience?”

After you have answered these questions, it’s time to select a provider of all the needed services.  Whether you use a travel agent, tour operator, or you do-it-yourself with web arrangements or phone, we hope you will remember these additional key questions:

– Exactly what is included in this price?  (airfare? lodging? meals? entertainment? ground transportation? resource helps? well-trained guides? written materials?)

-Are there additional fees/taxes/surcharges not already mentioned? (air taxes or surcharges? luggage fees?)

-Are there any additional required items to purchase?

-Is there a non-refundable booking fee?

-If I have to cancel, what are my options for refunds?

-Does the provider have references of satisfied customers?

-Will I have the over-all experience I am seeking?

There are certainly more questions that could be asked, but this is a good starting-off point to get the questions and ideas rolling for a very satisfactory experience.

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