1st Day Christmas Past Question & Story

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On the 1st Day of Christmas Past, some history to enhance Light the World – “Blessed are they that mourn.” 
Question: What gift did a temple worker help a young man give?

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“A Child’s Gift”

Jean Mathews and her husband, John, served a mission in the Manila Philippines Temple, where this story took place.

“On the day before Christmas, my husband was supervising the [Manila Philippines Temple] baptistry with my help. We were both very busy, but my husband felt a tug on the sleeve of his white suit coat. Looking down—he is 6-feet 4-inches tall and towers over most Filipinos—he saw a little boy who looked about 9. He wasn’t surprised, as many 12-year-olds there are about the size of 8- and 9-year-olds in the States.

This little boy was dressed in worn but clean jeans and a T-shirt and was holding up a tattered piece of paper. John squatted down to look into his big, sad, brown eyes. “How can I help you?” he asked.

“Can I be baptized for my dad?”

“Is he dead?” John asked sympathetically.

“Yes, he died two years ago. My mother told me to be baptized for him today.”

John’s thoughts immediately filled with concern that the boy’s request couldn’t be filled without the necessary information, so he asked, “Do you know his full name and his birthday and where he was born?”

The boy offered the piece of white paper again. “My mother wrote it down on this.”

There, on that worn and soiled fragment of paper carried so carefully in his pocket, was the name of his father and his birth and death dates. Hoping the boy knew any additional information that would be needed, John pointed him to the temple office.

“One of the ladies there will help you. Then come back with the blue slip of paper she will give you, and we will baptize you for your father.”

Because John could not leave his responsibilities in the very busy font, he watched as the boy made his way toward the office. It was an hour before John thought about the boy again and wondered where he was. Shortly thereafter, he felt another tug on his coattail, and the little boy appeared holding a blue slip of paper, which he held out.

We found a very small white jumpsuit for him. We had to roll up the pant legs and sleeves. When it was his turn to step into the font, he paused and announced in great seriousness, as if it were the most important thing to ever happen in his entire life, “I’m getting baptized for my dad.” He had the full attention of everyone there.

After he was immersed, he was given a dry jumpsuit and led to the confirmation room. After he had been confirmed for his father, he approached John again. “Is that everything I need to do for my dad?”

“No, there’s more that needs to be done. I will take the blue name slip and find someone who will do the rest of the ordinances for him if you will wait by the recommend desk. When everything is finished, I will bring this blue paper to you, and you can take it home to give to your mother.”

He nodded and went to sit on one of the couches in the foyer of the temple, where he wearily but patiently waited for two hours.

When the endowment for his father was completed, John found the boy and sat by him, then offered him the blue paper. John looked into those serious brown eyes. “Do you know you just gave your father the most wonderful gift you could ever give anyone?” The boy looked a little confused, so John explained. “You just made it possible for him to see Jesus, and when you and your mother return to the temple, both of you can be sealed to your father, and then you can be a family forever.”

For the first time in that long day, the boy smiled brightly, probably the biggest smile of his entire life. He carefully put the blue paper in his pocket, like a treasure, and slipped off the couch. Looking up at my husband, he whispered, “Thank you.” Then, without looking back, he ran excitedly across the street to the patron house to share the good news with his friends.

We don’t remember that little boy’s name—if we ever knew it—but the look on his face was more than satisfaction, pleasure, or simple happiness; it was a look of gratitude and joy that he could offer such a gift to his father. To us, that look represented the message of the Christmas season—and of the temple, which we will never forget—that we can serve and love those who have gone on ahead and that families can be together forever.”

What can you do to show Christlike compassion to help lift heavy burdens today?

Taken from:

Mathews, Jean Holbrook, “A Child’s Gift.”  Adapted from Remembering the Joy of Christmas.  Retrieved on 12/11/17 from http://www.ldsliving.com/A-Temple-Christmas-Story-That-Will-Melt-Your-Heart/s/80379.

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  1. Th gift of being able to do the work to be able to see his parents once again ..the gift of baptism for his father

  2. He helped a young son give his dad the gift of membership in the kingdom of God. The most important gift of all.

  3. He helped the boy give his dad the gift of the Holy Ghost and to see and live with Christ again.

  4. What wonderful blessings can our families, on both sides of the veil,have as we participate in these saving ordinances. Just as this young boy did for his family.

  5. The temple worker helped the young boy do service in the temple by being baptized for his father. I am impressed with the boy’s patience as he waited in the temple for the other ordinances to be done. Temple service for our families as well as others is one of the greatest gifts we can give.

  6. He helped the boy give his dad the gift of the temple blessings and the chance to have his family forever.

  7. The temple worker helped the young boy/man by giving him clear instructions enveloped with love and compassion. As a result the boy followed the instructions to the end and gave his family the ultimate gift – the gift of eternal life where his family can be together forever.

  8. The temple worker helped make it possible for the boy’s father’s temple work to be completed.

  9. The temple worker assisted the young man do the essential ordinances for his father to return Home and so that their family could become an eternal family. The worker did this with love and kindness, so that the young man could feel the importance of his gift of sacrifice that he was giving to his deceased father.

  10. The Temple worker acted in kindness and love and gave the boy and his father the most important gift ever. The temple worker helped the young man complete the essential ordinances that his father needed and provided the opportunity for them to be an eternal family one day. I love the kindness and patience that the temple worker showed towards this young boy.

  11. The temple worker didn’t just hear the boy he LISTENED to the boys heartfelt desires and responded in love and kindness. He took the time to explain to the boy why we perform those ordinances and what it would mean to his father and to him and his mother. The worker served with a Christlike love.

  12. The temple worker gave the boy one of the greatest gifts we can give to our family and to those who have passed on before us. Eternal life and the oportunity for us to live together as eternal families. Temple work is one of the greatest opportunities we can do while we are here on earth. This young boy is just beginning to see the blessings that will come to him and his family.

  13. He gave his father and family the best Christmas gift ever and his family.

  14. Patience and love, the true love of Christ, are taught in this story. That young boy certainly knows the Eternal lessons taught by Christ.

  15. This young man’s special gift to his father will bless that sweet family eternally! His enthusiasm gives me a renewed desire to perform temple ordinances for my ancestors.

  16. Sometimes as temple workers we forget that we are serving on many levels- and on both sides of the veil. As in this story, sometimes the seemingly very small acts can have the greatest impact. I think of the joy a young son felt when he understood that his family could be united forever because of his one act in the temple.

  17. I’m impressed that this temple worker went the extra mile to assure that this little boys father was ready to be sealed with his wife and little boy for eternity.

  18. That story made me cry! The little boy in the story was baptized for his own dad, and waited at the temple for the rest of his work to be done. We all have someone waiting for their work to be done. We have no excuse!

  19. The temple worker helped the boy make it possible for the boy’s father to see Jesus and one day to come back to the temple to be sealed with his father and mother to become a forever family. 🙂

  20. The Temple worker helped the little boy give his father the gift of seeing Jesus by doing and having done the Temple ordinances for him.

  21. The temple worker volunteered his time to help the boy accomplish the work needed for his father. They both showed Christlike love by doing something for someone else, without thought for themselves.

  22. He helped the little boy give his father the gift of eternal life & to be able to be sealed as a family forever.

  23. He helped the boy give his father the gift of entrance into the kingdom of God and eternal life in the celestial kingdom.

  24. This little boy’s faith and service will bless his sweet family for eternity! His example motivates me to perform sacred temple ordinances for my ancestors 🙂

  25. He helped the boy in obtaining the entrance ordinance (baptism) into the Kingdom of God, the first step in becoming an eternal family.

  26. A most precious and sacred gift that was given that day before Christmas, was the gift of being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and making covenants with Our Lord. If the father accepts the work (we all have our free agency) and the little boy and his mother also go into one of our sacred temples and get their work done, they too will be a family forever.

  27. He helped the little boy give his father the possibility of eternal life-truly the greatest of gifts. By being kind, gracious, caring, and attentive to others, especially those in need, we can help them along the path to eternal life too.

  28. He helped this little boy, his mother and his father begin to be a forever family.

    He did this by helping get the necessary forms ready for the gift of the eternal covenants and ordinances performed that day in the Manilla Temple.

    Im sure the little small boy thought that day that the giant of a man helping him was more than 6’4″ tall.

  29. The temple worker helped him give his father the gift of the baptismal ordinance which would allow him to see Jesus again. He also received the knowledge that his father and the rest of his family, the opportunity to be sealed to each other for forever.

  30. The passage way to the Savior and an eternal family

  31. The temple worker gave the little boy the opportunity to do his father’s baptism. Then he did the endowment for this boys’ father.

  32. The temple worker gave the young man his time and wisdom. He helped give him the ability to see his father again and understand that concept. He helped give his father the gift to see jesus. But most of all he helped make it possible for him to be sealed to his father and mother and be a forever family.

  33. The gift of doing his father’s baptism and arranging for his other ordinances to be done. So that he could come back with his mother and be sealed together forever. Also that his father could see Jesus.

  34. Heart warming story of a young boy’s desire to obey his mother’s wishes and then learn from a temple worker the meaning and eternal result of his gift to his father.

  35. The temple worker gave him the gift of understanding and hope. The baptism would mean more to him, both in terms of what it would mean for his family in the eternities and what it would mean in how he lives his life now.

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