3rd Day Answer & Winner

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camelAnswer 3rd Day Christmas Past: The three gifts given in “We Three Kings” & their symbolism is: 1) Gold, the most precious metal of all metals in that day, symbolic of His reign on earth as King of Kings and Lord of Lords; 2) Frankincense, which was symbolic of His priestly ministry here on earth; and 3.  Myrrh was symbolic of our redemption through His suffering and death.

Congrats to 3rd Day drawing winner, Shirley Smith, who won a hand carved olive wood camel from Israel!  Please contact MHA office 801-272-5601 or info@mormonheritage.com within 30 days to arrange for how to receive your prize.

Thank you everyone for your insights on both FB and our blog.  The Story still available on yesterday’s Question website blog post.

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