6th Day Christmas Past Question & Story

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2015-Christmas-Past-tradOn the 6th Day of Christmas Past, SIX other Marys.

Question:  Why did a pioneer father name all of his daughters Mary?

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Mary, the Mother of Many Marys

Sitting on his knee one day, William Meeks, told his little daughter, Mary Jane Meeks (Pearce), this story of why she was named Mary.  He thought Mary was the sweetest name he had ever heard.  He loved the story of Mary, mother of Jesus, and, the sweetest girl he ever knew was Mary Elizabeth Rhodes, so it was she he chose to become his wife.  When their first daughter was born she looked so much like her mother that he insisted that she be named for her mother.  She was named “Mary Elizabeth.”

When the second daughter was born she was just as sweet and so that she would not be denied the name of Mary, she was named “Mary Ann.”  When the third daughter was born he could not be partial after giving the first two this favored name, so she was christened “Mary Jane.”

It was then that the father said he could not think of treating one child better than the other.  “Hereafter,” he said, “I will give the name of Mary, and mother may choose any name she wishes to go with it.”  The fourth child was “Mary Ellen;” the fifth, “Mary Melissa;” and the sixth child was named “Mary Louise.”  All have been happy with their names and happy to know that there was no partiality shown.  In addition to the six girls there were also five sons, Harvery, Henry, William, Joseph and John born to William and Mary Elizabeth Rhodes Meeks.

Taken From:

Kate B. Carter, Our Pioneer Heritage – Vol 15, p. 142. “Mary, the Mother of many Marys” from Sylvia Pearce Rogerson.


  1. Father loved the name Mary and couldn’t deny his daughters such a beautiful name. He loved mother Mary n his wife Mary and thought lovingly towards each baby girl born to him n Nary Elizabeth.

  2. What a sweet story! Dad that loved each of his daughters so much that he could not deny each of them his favorite name. This might be my new favorite story!

  3. The father fell in love with Mary Elizabeth and made her his wife. He loved the name Mary so much he named his first daughter Mary. But as each daughter after was born he didn’t want to show favoritism so he told his wife each daughter would have the name Mary and she could choose the middle name he thought Mary was the most beautiful name he had ever heard.

  4. The father liked the name of Mary because sweetest name he has ever heard. He loved the name of Mary for it was the name of Jesus.
    It also showed that each daughter was equal to all the other sisters

  5. The father always thought that Mary was the sweetest name he ever heard. He happened to fall in love with a Mary. His first daughter looked just like his wife, so he gave her the mother’s name. He gave all of his daughters the name Mary, so as not to be partial and let his wife pick the second name.

  6. What a sweet and thoughtful father. I loved his reasons for naming all his daughters Mary. They must’ve all felt special to be named after Mary the mother of Jesus, and Marh their own mother.

  7. William Meeks gave each of his daughters the name Mary as a first name, named after their mother. Also, because he loved the name of Mary, the mother of Jesus. I hope each daughter cherished that beautiful name even though she might have been called by her middle name.

  8. What a sweet story of how a father loved all his daughters so much that he wanted to name each Mary. He not only named them also after their mother but also from the mother of our Savior who was named Mary. With so many Mary’s in the house I’m sure it wasn’t hard to call them to dinner, or to get their names mixed up. What a cute loving father

  9. The father in the story loved the name “Mary:” He thought it to be the sweetest name. He loved Jesus’ mother Mary, his wife and when his daughters were born, they were very sweet and to show no partiality from child to child, he named them all his favorite sweetest name. He was very sentimental and liked to be fair.

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