Great Last Minute Kid General Conference Ideas

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There are already lots of awesome printables out there.  Here are some ideas for kids that finish a print out after 5 minutes and need more to fill up time.


Pick some simple quiet activities that use toys & things you already have.  Revamp FHE activities that went well.

Print out pictures of the 1st Pres. And Apostles (pg 16 of  here), cut them out and tape by where you’re watching

conference.  When one of them speaks, the kids find their picture and put them at the podium printout (top part of here).  Then they pick one of the activities you have ready to go (pick out of a bowl, written on back, fish for it, you just tell them so you can do what you want when you want, etc).  After the talk put the speaker pic in their seat and share what their talk was about.

You’ll need 12-15 activities (one per Pres. & Apostle).  Only do the activity when it’s time and you’ll keep their interest all 4 sessions!  Do conference packets as filler.  Each kid has their own “station” (a box/ overturned laundry basket/upside down container) with their own crayons, glue stick, paper, etc.  This gives them their space and keeps them from fighting.  More than just the Apostles speak but the talk time is still covered.  Some apostles speak during Priesthood leaving left over activities to use when you need more time to fill.  Many activities will go longer than just one talk which also fills up the time.  We usually have 3-4 activities left over we don’t get to.  Supplies needed are listed with each activity.

Get inspired by these 33 activity ideas:

1.      MORMON TRAIL – Look up church history sites and recreate them with legos, blocks, dominoes straws, etc.    Supplies:  Church History Sites, toys

2.    THIS IS THE PLACE! – Help settle the Salt Lake Valley by making the pioneers’ cabins with lincoln logs, popsicle sticks, blocks, etc.      Supplies:  building toys

3.     PIONEER INVENTIONS – Invent things that would have helped the pioneers using tinkertoys, k’nex etc.      Supplies:  your toys

4.    TEMPLE ARCHITECT – Out of legos, build what the newly announced temple will look like.  Build an ancient Jerusalem temple, tallest temple, etc.  Keep giving the kids new temples to build.  Supplies:  Legos

5.    GOD’S/ GRATEFUL CREATIONS – Think of something God created with you in mind because he knew you would love it.  Shape playdough into it & all the things you are grateful for.  (Do on cookie sheet for easy clean up).      Supplies:  playdough & cookie sheet

6.    BOM CHALK STORIES – Listen to conference outside while you draw your favorite Book of Mormon story with sidewalk chalk.  Could also do this inside with butcher paper or black construction paper, posterboard or bulletin board paper.        Supplies:  sidewalk chalk, butcher/black paper if doing inside

7.    HEAVENLY PICS – With Cool-whip or yogurt (something sweet and spreadable) and cut up fruit make designs of heavenly pictures you’d see cloud watching.  Eat it when all done.  Do on cookie sheets.         Supplies:  Cool-whip or yogurt, fruit, cookie sheet

8.    THINKING OF U – Make cards for family and friends that could use a little boost.  Supplies:  paper scraps, glue sticks, markers, crayons, stickers, stamping supplies etc.

9.    COLOR BY #’s/LETTERS – Color temple (lots of choices here) or other LDS art by watercolors or crayons.  Put numbers in areas to paint/color by that number.  Or use letters instead and when a word starting with that letter is said during conference it can be colored.    Supplies:  printed pictures, water color paint set or crayons

10.    STICKER MOSAICS – Make use of all the free stickers/address labels you get in the mail.  Cut them up in little pieces and make a collage with them.  They’re already sticky and ready to go!  CTR mosaic, easter egg mosaic, etc.  Print out/draw simple picture to be covered with the sticker tiles.    Supplies:  paper with rough image, cut up stickers

11.    PIONEER CHILDREN – Have kids draw stick figures on paper.  Then with old paper scraps have them dress them pioneer style with boots, bonnets, aprons, vests, etc..      Supplies:  scissors, glue stick, paper, paper scraps, & other scraps (string, buttons, pipe cleaners, etc).

12.    HELP NOAH/NEPHI – Help Noah build a ship for all your toy animals or help Nephi build a ship without complaining.  Build it out of recyclables, legos, etc.    Supplies:  recyclables, legos, animal toys

13.    CHOOSE THE RIGHT – Fish for matches, or other ways for matching game (Apostle game found here)-  other ideas:  match prophets, objects and BOM character, etc.  Print out whatever you are matching, place paperclip on it.  Then with dowel, yarn, and magnet fish it and make matches.
Supplies:  printable matches, paper clips, magnet fishing string

14.    FOLLOW THE PROPHET – Make a marble run.  Have keywords on sticky notes to attach to the pieces or have kids write their own key steps from prophets to get through the course.    Supplies:  marble run, sticky notes

15.    CHURCH SCRABBLE – For older kids, play quiet scrabble game using any words you can find in the scriptures.  Try to find new words.  Or only words heard during conference.  Supplies:  Scrabble, scriptures

16.    STUMP THE FAMILY  – For older kids.  Find Questions throughout conference that you could stump your family with.  At FHE following conference each person asks their questions.   Supplies:  note taking

17.    ROLL TO THE ROD – Get out train tracks or cut out straight and curved road pieces from construction paper.  Have the kids make a path that can get a train or car at one end of the room across obstacles to the other side of the room (make it harder than just straight across).  We can always get back on track when we mess up!   Supplies:  train tracks or black paper cut into road shapes; car or train.

18.    TELL ME THE STORIES… – Write and illustrate your own gospel story.  Later everyone uses theirs for doing a lesson during FHE.      Supplies:  markers, crayons, pencil, paper

19.      FAMILY MURAL – Roll out left over wrapping paper or butcher paper and let the kids draw your family story of important events that have occurred – births, vacations, moves, etc.  Tape to the wall or do on the floor.      Supplies:  backside of wrapping paper/butcher paper, washable markers/crayons.

20.    GIVING TREATS – Make treats or decorate treats already made (much quieter!)  & deliver to neighbors after session with a favorite thought attached from conference.    Supplies:  icing, sprinkles, already made cookie dough, m&m’s, chocolate chips etc.

21.    I LOVE TO SEE THE TEMPLE – Find a picture of your favorite temple and try to replicate it by paint or drawing and put up in your room.  Could recreate any gospel art.    Supplies:  cardstock, paint or colored pencils, temple images/gospel art.

22.    REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE – Print a picture of your child’s face in the upper center part of a paper.  Let them make a picture of them in the future accomplishing an important goal they set for themselves now – e.g. on a mission, temple marriage etc.  Let them dress themselves with lace, old fabric scraps or scrapbook paper and other craft/art scraps to complete their picture.  Keep to give them when they get older to see if they’re still on track.    Supplies:  glue, paper with child’s face, lace, fabric, ribbon, paper scraps, etc.

23.    ONLINE PRINTABLES – Hidden pictures, word searches, bingo, printable games found online.    (Tons out there, here’s one).      Supplies:  Printed activities, crayons or pencil

24.    THESE HANDS – Put your hands to work doing good things by making a gift for someone:  bracelet, key chain, bookmark, story, etc.   Little ones could finger paint or turn a tracing of their hand into something.        Supplies:  beads, string, paper, crayons, etc.

25.    CONFERENCE JOURNALS – Not only write what you hear during conference but also write about major things that have happened in your life since last conference.  Evaluate what you could work on and next conference see how you did when you journal write again.     Supplies:  paper/notebook, pen

26.    HAIKU – March 2014 Friend (found here) encourages kids to work on Gospel Art & Haiku.  Why not work on it during conference and then send it into the Friend?     Supplies:  March 2014 Friend, paper, pencil, crayons

27.    EASTER/FALL CRAFTS – Get an already packaged craft or come up with one for what you have on hand.        Supplies:  Premade craft, or your own supplies

28.    NATURE ART – Between conference go collect things outside.  During the next session make something with what you found.        Supplies:  paper, glue,

29.    TREE OF LIFE TIP TOE – Get out carpet squares, rags, dish towels, blankets, tunnels, large puzzle foam pieces and let the kids make a quiet course that gets them to the tree of life.  Using all their supplies as stepping stones, they have to do it quietly – tiptoe.         Supplies:  anything to make a path

30.    SILENT EASTER EGG HUNT – for little ones.  Tell them they have to sneak up on the eggs.  Hide eggs in the room you are watching conference in and let them collect them in something.  Soon they’ll be hiding their own eggs and finding them while you watch conference.    Supplies:  plastic easter eggs, bowl or basket.

31.    BOM STORY PUPPETS – Fun printable Book of Mormon paper dolls (found here) you can color and cut to make a puppet show.   Supplies:  Printable, scissors, markers/colored pencils, file folder

32.    MAGNET MODESTY – If you don’t want to cut out paper doll pieces, get out your magnet doll dress ups and pick modest outfits for them to wear.  Could also draw stick figures on a white board and dress them to be able to dress up lots at the same time.    Supplies:  Magnet dress up clothes

33.    LACING CARDS – for younger ones.  Print out a picture of them or of your family on cardstock and have laminated.  Punch holes around and they can lace it.  Can use during sacrament time too.
Supplies:  shoe lace or yarn, printed pic on cardstock, laminate

Have fun spending time together during conference!

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