Karl Anderson tours promotion!

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Mormon Heritage Association is pleased to offer two incredible tours with Church history expert KARL RICKS ANDERSON:  “A Week in Kirtland” & “Sharon to Palmyra to Kirtland!”  As a special promotional offer, those who REGISTER & DEPOSIT BETWEEN APRIL 29 AND MAY 30, 2010 will receive a personalized, autographed copy of Karl’s book: Joseph Smith’s Kirtland!  Karl Anderson is THE world’s leading authority on Kirtland’s spiritual history, Joseph Smith, and Doctrine & Covenants revelations received in these areas.  In fact, in Kirtland, he is known as “Mr. Kirtland,”–but shouldn’t it be “Brother Kirtland,” instead?  Regardless, these tours are definitely worth every effort it takes to attend.  More information is available on this website or by calling MHA 801-272-5601. 

A Week in Kirtland: September 21-26, 2010, MHA tour id KA07

Sharon to Palmyra to Kirtland:  October 9-16, 2010, MHA tour id KA08

(Promotional offer extended to new registrants only.  Free book will be delivered upon final payment of tour balance.) 

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