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Kirtland TempleFar more amazing visions and miracles took place in Kirtland than all other LDS sites combined!  There is so much information that we have had to dedicate an entire tour to this area with Kirtland renowned expert Karl Ricks Anderson.  There is far too much information for one entry.  This week marks the anniversary of a very important vision that took place at the Kirtland Temple which will be this week’s highlight.  (See this weeks Glimpse of Past entry for more details)

Kirtland Temple

Kirtland was the first temple of the Church and was constructed 1833-1836, by just a few hundred poor saints under conditions of great sacrifice.  “For thou knowest that we have done this work through great tribulation; and out of our poverty we have given of our substance to build a house to thy name” (D&C 109:5).  There were tremendous manifestations of the Spirit during construction, at the dedication and thereafter.   Lorenzo Snow enumerated blessings received in the temple during this period:  There we had the gift of prophecy – the gift of tongues – the interpretation of tongues – visions and marvelous dreams were related – singing of heavenly choirs was heard, and wonderful manifestations of the healing power, through administrations of the Elders, were witnessed.  The sick were healed – the deaf made to hear – blind to see and the lame to walk, in very many instances.  It was plainly manifest that a sacred and divine influence – a spiritual atmosphere pervaded that holy edifice (KRA p 170).  On January 21, 1836, Joseph Smith, his father, the First Presidency, the presidency of the Church in Missouri, the bishoprics in Kirtland and Missouri, and the Prophet’s scribe, Warren Parish, saw a vision of the Father and the Son as is recorded in D&C 137.  In April 1836, Joseph and Oliver received Priesthood Keys from Moses, Elias, and Elijah (D&C 110).  Also, there were at least four visits from the Savior (KRA p 174).

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