New Tour – Harmony Restoration

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BREAKING NEWS!  New tour announced for October 11-14, 2015!  The restoration at the Harmony Aaronic Priesthood Restoration site is nearly completed–and we’re going to check it out!  We hope you can join us!  Click here for all the details:   HR01

The Church has been conducting a MAJOR restoration project at the Harmony site including moving the highway, re-building Joseph & Emma’s home along with her parents’ home, and building a visitor’s center/chapel on-site.  There is also improved access to the Susquehanna River where the Aaronic Priesthood restoration is believed to have taken place and where Joseph & Oliver Cowdery baptized each other!  We have been watching the progress at this site for the past year and a half.  The “by-invitation-only” dedication is slated for mid-September–and we have organized a NEW TOUR to visit this site!  We will travel Sunday-Thursday, October 11-14 with KARL RICKS ANDERSON leading the way and giving instruction and insights as only he can.  It’s going to be an incredible experience!

And since we’ll be in the area, we’ve also scheduled time to visit Colesville (visiting Joseph Knight Sr’s home and Josiah Stowell’s home), Palmyra (including the Sacred Grove, Hill Cumorah, a Palmyra Temple session, and some extra sites in the area), and Fayette (where the Church was first organized; a renovation of that visitor’s center opened in 2014!).

This tour is great for everyone and will be especially meaningful to those who have been to these sites before and wanted more time, wanted a Palmyra Temple session, and are anxious to visit these newly-restored sites!


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