QUESTION and STORY 4th Day Christmas Past

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The 4th Day of Christmas past question: Brigham Young was always hard at work. On Christmas in 1847 what work was he undertaking regarding the Saints in Mount Pisgah?

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ON the morning of January 1st, 1847, a cannon was fired over the settlement at Winter Quarters betokening the arrival of a new year. It was a clear cold day. The thermometer registered two degrees below zero. But the Saints were holding their own against the elements and the health of the community generally, was better than it had been for some time. Brigham took occasion to write a letter to Elder Charles C. Rich who was in charge of the Saints at Mount Pisgah. Part of this letter I have copied as follows:

“Our Council met at Christmas and decided to send on a Pioneer company as early as possible, with plows, seeds, grain, etc., and make preparations for eatables at the foot of the mountains on this side and when the grass starts we will follow as many as can go. . . . Your name is among the number and we want you to go with us. . . . Gird up your loins, Brother Rich, put on your armor, cheer up your heart, and being filled with Almighty faith, prepare for the battle as fast as possible. If you are sick, be made well. If you are weak, be made strong. Shake yourself like a mighty man; make the forest echo to the sound of your voice and the prairies move at your presence. Teach the Saints wisdom and knowledge, that they may come to understanding, and exercise themselves in faith, patience, meekness, brotherly love, kindness, hope, charity and endurance unto the end and they shall be saved, and whether they remove from hence, this season or next, it mattereth not, for if they abide counsel it shall be well with them.”

In this wonderful letter the true Brigham Young is made manifest. “Shake yourself like a mighty man.” What a thrilling command, and how it would inspire its recipient. Also let the reader note the splendid injunctions which Brigham gave for teaching the Saints. How well he knew the necessary precepts which he should put forth as leader of the Church.

Taken from-  Preston Nibley, Brigham Young: The Man and His Work, 4th ed.[Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1960], 82.

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