QUESTION and STORY 19th Day Christmas Past

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On the 19th Day of Christmas Past, the question is to be:

19.  Which Latter-Day Prophet went “hookybobbing” with his sister?

“It was a cold year in Boise the year Howard turned eleven, but the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve warmed him up.  “We used real candles, which fit into holders that clipped onto the branches,” he recalled.  “Father kept two buckets filled with water, so that if the tree caught fire, he’d be able to put it out quickly.  He always made sure the candles were out before he left home.”

Writing in his journal, Howard listed the Christmas gifts he received that year – a sled, a Scout knife, a tie, a heavy coat, and a battery.  That day he and his sister went “hookybobbing.”  To go hookybobbing, Howard would fix a big sail to his “pushmobile” and take it out on the snow-covered raod, where the wind would push it along, giving his sister and him an exciting ride.

The Christmas dinner his mother prepared seemed to him a feast.  With a grateful heart he summed up the day in his journal:  “We had everything good there was,” he said.  It was an altogether perfect Christmas.

Try one of your favorite childhood Christmas traditions or come up with a new one for a child this year.

Taken from:  Laura Willes, Christmas with the Prophets, p. 144.


  1. Howard W. Hunter!

  2. President Howard Hunter

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