4th Day Christmas Past Question and Story

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Untitled-2On the FOURTH DAY of Christmas Past, the QUESTION is to be

4.  When a pioneer girl received an extra special gift where did she hide it for safekeeping?

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“For Christmas, a beloved aunt from Provo had sent my mother, Lucy Potter Blackham, a beautiful doll dressed in a taffeta gown.  This gift was so much prized to her that every child in town knew about it long before daylight Christmas morning as it was the custom to go from one house to another calling “Christmas Gift,” and see what the other children had received.  Her beautiful doll was a great curiosity, especially to her baby brother who wanted it badly.  To hush his cries and to keep her new treasure safe she searched for the perfect place to hide it for safekeeping.  The oven!  This was guaranteed the best spot as her baby brother was not allowed anywhere near it!  So she hid the doll in the oven of their old-fashioned stove feeling very proud of herself and went on her way to pay some friendly calls to see what others had received for Christmas.  Meanwhile at home, her father having just finished farm chores and very cold, made a big fire in the stove to get everything nice and toasty.  Not much later Lucy returned home to find a strange smell and a very uninviting warm home!  Her precious gift, the doll, had been burned!  Her Christmas went from one of envy to that of despair.  She said she knew it was her punishment from the Lord for being selfish with her baby brother when they found the doll in the oven burned to a crisp.  She mourned for two weeks over the loss of the beautiful doll.”

Where was your favorite hiding spot as a child?

Taken from:

Susan A. Madsen, Christmas a Joyful Heritage – p. 52

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  1. Oh this is a happy story with a sad ending! Lucy just wanting to keep her new doll safe hid it in the oven. Not thinking that someone would make a fire and burn it to a crisp! She blamed herself for being selfish with her precious new doll and. It sharing it. A Christmas she would never forget for sure.

  2. Such a sad story! I didn’t really have a hiding place as a kid but I did have two brothers that cut the hair off one of my dolls. I can understand why the little girl wanted to hide it!

  3. A very foolish girl. In that day, I imagine the oven would be used almost every day. A sad lesson to learn. As a child, I didn’t have to hide many things from my sisters, ( no brothers), because we pretty much had the same things and shared with each other. My challenge today is being able to hide Christmas gifts from my grandchildren. They seem to know every hiding place.

  4. Really good story and lesson to be learned

  5. A pioneer girl probably had a very difficult time finding a safe hiding place. I would imagine that bedrooms were shared with many children and even the beds were most likely shared. Putting that precious item under her pillow might protect it. Another possibility would be to wrap it up well and put it in the root cellar.

    As a child we shared almost everything–beds, toys, happy times and sad times. I don’t remember of feeling the need to hide things.

  6. The oven was her very poor choice for a hiding place.

  7. A doll would be the most special of Christmas gifts for a pioneer girl. She learned a hard lesson about justice…karma…or whatever you want to call it.

  8. The oven! A very unwise choice!

  9. The little girl his her doll in the oven. This is such a sad story! I would’ve had a really hard time as a parent not going out and getting or making another one for her. Sometimes it’s hard to keep your precious things safe and not be selfish. I kind of get where she was coming from!

    • Oops, I meant “hid” her doll. 🙄

  10. In an effort to hush her baby bother’s cries and to keep her new treasure safe she put her doll in the oven of their old-fashioned stove. This was guaranteed to be the best spot as her baby brother was not allowed anywhere near it.

  11. In the family’s old-fashioned wood burning oven/stove, as her baby brother was not allowed anywhere near it.

  12. With six kids in our family and being second to the youngest I didn’t have a chance to have a place to hide anything. If I did need to it was between the mattress. But only for a short time

  13. She placed her doll in the stove for safe keeping without a thought of a fire. It was a joyous day that turned out very sad for her.

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