5th Day Christmas Past Question and Story

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Untitled-2On the 5th Day of Christmas Past, the question is to be –

Question:  When Thomas S. Monson was a child, how did he answer his friend when he was asked, “What does turkey taste like?”

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“What Does Turkey Taste Like?”

One Christmas time, while young Thomas S. Monson and his family were in the middle of making preparations for a big turkey dinner, his friend asked a startling question: “What does turkey taste like?”  Thomas told him that it tasted like chicken, but then he realized that his unfortunate friend had never tasted either one.  Not only that, there was nothing in his house from which to prepare a Christmas dinner.

“I pondered a solution,” Pres. Monson said.  “There was none.  I had no turkeys, no chickens, no money.  Then I remembered I did have two pet rabbits.  Immediately I took my friend by the hand and rushed to the rabbit hutch, placed the rabbits in a box, and handed the box to him with the comment, ‘Here, take these two rabbits.  They’re good to eat – just like chicken.’

“He took the box, climbed the fence, and headed for home, a Christmas dinner safely assured.  Tears came easily to me as I closed the door to the empty rabbit hutch.  But I was not sad.  A warmth, a feeling of indescribable joy filled my heart.  It was a memorable Christmas.”

What is something that was hard for you to give up but brought joy?  Is there something hard now you should give up and would be better off?

Taken from:

Laura Willes, Christmas with the Prophets, p. 167-168


  1. He said it tasted like chicken but then realized that his friend had never tasted chicken so he gave his friend his 2 pet rabbits and told his friend to take them as that they were good to eat just like chicken

  2. It tasted like chicken but the boy had not tasted chicken. Good story

  3. What does turkey taste like? Chicken.

  4. Tastes like chicken! Just like alligator, rabbit, and emu. Thomas Monson was an amazing boy, and his childhood decisions prepared him for his life of service.

  5. Wow that was an ultimate sacrifice for Pres Monson being a young boy who loved his rabbits. But he loved people more. He did the right thing by giving the poor man his rabbits for Christmas dinner. What an example he is to us. An example of what the Savior would do.

  6. Thomas Monson in his characteristic and Christ-like way sacrificed something important to him to bring joy to someone else. His sacrifice brought joy to both of them.

  7. Pres. Monson told his friend turkey taste like chicken, but realizing his friend never had turkey he gave him his two rabbits which tasted like chicken. The hardest thing for me give up was an unexpected mission call in the days when women didn’t really go on missions. But it was one of the best thing that happened in my life that has given me direction and support throughout my life.

  8. Thomas told his friend that turkey tasted like chicken. He then realized that his friend hadn’t tasted chicken. He came up with a solution to help his friend have a Christmas dinner and know what chicken and turkey taste like. He gave his friend his 2 pet rabbits. And said, “They’re good to eat – just like chicken.”

  9. He explained that turkey tasted like chicken, but his friend had never had chicken before. Realizing this, he gave him his 2 pet rabbits, so he could know what chicken and in essence know what turkey tasted like. Is there something hard now you should give up and would be better off? I need to give up my past, move on, stop punishing myself for things I didn’t do, but are still in my past.

  10. Thomas Monson gave away his rabbits… I haven’t had to give up anything so valuable to me. I do know that there is more joy in giving than receiving.

  11. President Monson tried to explain to his friend who had never had turkey what it tasted like. Typical of President Monson, he gave up his pet rabbits to try to explain the taste of turkey to his friend. Sometimes it is difficult to give up things we truly cherish, but then we realize the blessing that comes with sharing with others.

  12. It tastes like Chicken but then realized his friend had not tasted Chicken so then he gave of his own Rabbits because thats all he had to give for Christmas dinner

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