11th Day Christmas Past Question & Story

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On the 11th Day of Christmas Past, rekindling history to enhance today’s Light the World – “That which ye have seen me do even that shall ye do.” 
Question:  What creative way did the Alvarez family see others doing as Christ would do?

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“Christmas with ‘Christ'”

Recollections of the Past – Elder Lino Alvarez

“Although we were not able to do it every year, we always tried to keep in touch with our family, and were able to teach our children about the importance of sharing this beautiful season with our beloved ones.  The experiences we shared together were great opportunities for our children to get to know their grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins and to strengthen our family ties.

It was wonderful for our children to be able to see & hear their grandparents share their testimonies of Jesus Christ as well as the priceless teachings they had gained through their lives.  Their beautiful family histories helped us to know them better and to love them more.  We loved to watch our children light their sparklers and enjoy with their cousins the delicious Mexican food and treats.

The most important experiences for us were those when, with our children, we talked about Christ’s life and his teachings in order to live more closely in accordance with his example.  There were times we could not visit with our extended family and we stayed together in our own home and tried to find ways to see Christ in our fellowmen.

One thing we enjoyed was “inviting Christ” to our family home evening the Monday before Christmas.  In a family council some time earlier, we would select a family or individual from our ward whom we could invite to our home evening closest to Christmas Day.  We always invited those who had been a good influence in our lives, whose Christlike behavior was a good example to follow.

At the start of our home evening, we explained to our guests that it was a special night for us, a night in which we wanted to invite Christ into our home, and that we were in fact inviting them because their lives were symbolic of Christ’s life.  We told them with humbled hearts that they had been a good example to us of how to live as the Savior lived.

Every time we did so, we felt the Spirit of Christ flooding our home and hearts.  The friendship and love for our guests were strenghtened and we made effort to follow their good example throughout the year.”

Taken from:

Christmas Treasures – Stories and Reminiscences from General Authorities p. 25-26


  1. The family invited Christ to a family home evening – a person that demonstrated Christ-like behavior and example to them.

  2. For the family home evening night closest to Christmas time, they would invite a guest that had been a good example to them how Christ lived. They would then share with that guest how they had seen their example and would enjoy that sweet spirit from the experience.

  3. Having the grandparents share their testimonies is wonderful, as well as reading family histories.
    The tradition of inviting a family or individual who had been an example of Christ helped the family feel the Spirit of Christ more abundantly. I thought it was good how they explained to those they invited why they had been invited.

  4. They invited Christ into their home by staying close to their family and friends, and inviting them share their love of Christ with their family

  5. They would look for people in their ward who were being Christlike. They wanted to invite Christ into their home the Monday before Christmas. They would do so by having a family or individual come over and explain why it was a special night. That they were in fact inviting them because their lives were symbolic of Christ’s life.

  6. When they couldn’t visit family for Chrstmas, the Alvarez family enjoyed inviting Christ into their home for FHE, the Monday before Christmas. In one of their family councils some time before Christmas, they would look at their fellow ward members. They would choose a family or individual who had been Christlike, been a good example to them of how to live as the Savior lived or had been a good influence in their lives. They would invite them over for FHE and explain that it was a special night for them. They wanted to invite Christ in. They were inviting Christ in through them and the examples of Christlike behavior they saw in them.

  7. The Alvarez family would have a special home evening before Christmas. They would choose a family that were good examples of living a Christ like life. They would invite that family and Christ in their home to celebrate the season

  8. The Alvarez family invited Christ into their home in the form of friends who showed Christlike attributes. Inviting Christ into their home in that way helped their family to be more Christlike throughout the year.

  9. The Monday closest to Christmas, a friend, who exemplified Christ, was invited to this family’s family home evening. There, they shared testimonies and felt the spirit of Christ. What a real honor for the one who was picked to represent Christ in the home.

  10. Each year at the closest FHE to Christmas, the Alvarez family invited a family or individual that had influenced them through their Christ like behavior. In this way they invited the spirit of Christ I to their home.

  11. The Alvarez family invited a person or persons to FHE that they felt inspired them to be more Christlike. This way they were inviting Christ into their home at Christmas time.

  12. They invited those who had been a good example to their family into their home for a special home evening, where they thanked them for being a good example. They then told them that they had invited Christ into their home and invited the guests to share in that spiritual, special time.

  13. The Alvarez family focused on Christ during the Chrismas seasons and stayed close to their extended family and shared the grandparents’ testimonies. On the Monday evening before Christmas they invited ward members who lived Christ-like lives and thanked them for being good examples.

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