6th Day Christmas Past Question & Story

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On the 6th Day of Christmas Past, rekindling history to enhance today’s Light the World – “Ye shall meet together oft.” 
Question:  How can this Night Before Christmas style poem help us gather our family together oft?

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“Twas the Day Before Yesterday”

written by Linnie Vanderford Poyneer (written late one night after a long day of gathering together family research)

TWAS the day before yesterday and all through the branches,
NOT a name to be found, none of my ancestors.

THE Journals and Bibles were dusty and worn,
WHY should we care, these kinfolk are gone.

THE pictures of children and family, long ago dead,
ARE scattered, crinkled, and crammed under beds.

DAD in his chair, and I with a book,
HAD just settled back to give the TV a look.

WHEN out on the street there arose such a clatter,
I sprang to my feet to see what was the matter.

ON the way to the window I tripped with a crash,
I tore open the curtains and looked through the glass.

THE sun in the sky was nowhere in sight,
THE clouds were so gray, it could have been night.

WHEN what to my wondering eyes should appear,
THE Mailman with packages, letters and cards of good cheer.

THE driver was grumbling while sorting his letters,
I knew in a moment, things had to get better.

THE size of one letter stood out from them all,
A distant cousin was asking about family, one and all.

THE names of Grandpa and Grandma, Great Grandparents all,
NEXT came my Father, my Brother, and Uncle Paul.

FROM cousins and uncles to aunts and nephews,
NIECES and in-laws, just to name a few.

SO thru the  many journals and photos, and stuff I possessed,
MY search for my ancestors slowly progressed.

WHILE up the family tree I gradually climbed,
MY ancestors names, I was seeking to find.

UPON that tree I have carved many a name,
THE branches of which, will never be the same.

THE tree is now filled with many I’ve found,
BUT in the search for others, now I am bound.

THE ancestors whose names, I have  written with love,
THE Lord has gathered to take to His Father above.

WITH so many names yet to be carved on that tree,
I have little time to waste on games and TV.

GATHERING names, photos, histories and places,
REQUIRES a lot of love, patience, and God’s good graces.

SOME were Farmers, Soldiers & such, Mothers & Fathers who struggled much.
SOME were Settlers, who traveled far, some Adventures, who followed the stars.

SOME were rich but most were poor,they came by ship, seeking more.
SOME died young, others old, many their stories yet untold.

I cried when I thought of those brothers and sisters,
FOR I am who I am, thanks to my ancestors.

MY family is but one branch on the Tree of Life,
A tree that grew strong through toil and strife.

ALONE, I’m just a bare twig or a stub,
TOGETHER we build a Family Tree of Love!

Taken from:

Poyneer, Linnie Vanderford. Found 12/16/17 at http://milin.net/genealogy/genealog/Letsuse/witnwisdom.html



  1. It is a reminder that we are gathering our families from across the years and that the Spirit of Elijah is resting on many. Seeking our ancestors is a labor of love.

  2. We need to spend moretime with our family & appreciate this time on earth. But we are who we because of our ancestors who have gone before us. Do your genealogy so we all end up together

  3. The poem reminds us that family is eternally important and we need to remember to do what we can to find our loved ones.

  4. This poem reminds us of the many ancestors we are linked to forever. Without them we are merely twigs. With their heritage, their stories we grow closer together making a growing tree. We need to meet often to strengthen family stories present & past. If we don’t tell our grandchildren the family stories how will they know them.

  5. This wonderful and creative poem by Vanderford is a reminder of how precious our families are. I am grateful for all the temples throughout the world that allows us to do the work that binds our families together, forever. I am currently learning on the computer how to search for family members who have not yet had the chance to hear the gospel. Wow!

  6. This poem reminds us to gather our family together oft by doing our family history. There is so much to discover and the work is never done, but it brings us close to our ancestors and is good for us to see who we are and where we’ve come from.

  7. This poem reminds us that we need to make memories now and record our family history current and past. So that future Generations don’t have as difficult of the time or harder than we do right now trying to find past Generations. This poem helps us gather our family together and reminding us the time is sweet, short and precious.

  8. The word Remember is used a lot in the scriptures. In this poem, we are not only remembering who we are but where we come from. Activities like journal writing and family history work bring families closer together through this understanding.

  9. Distance shouldn’t be an excuse to not keep memories of our ancestors or of loved ones who have gone on before us. Our living relatives love stories especially those of our ancestors. Let’s us take the time to share stories with our living relatives and create n eternal bond that will last forever.

  10. This poem reminds us we need to take time to gather our families by doing family history work. They cannot be saved without us, and we cannot be saved without them.

  11. Family is important and family are our moms and dads, aunts and uncles, children and grandchildren, but also we are members of a larger world family. Take time to find and know our family however that is. Family History, get togethers etc.

  12. At this season of the year as we gather together as families, our thoughts should also turn to those who have passed on. As we enjoy being with our families who are still here, we need to remember and have a desire to one day be with our ancestors who left such a legacy for us to follow.

  13. This clever little poem is a good reminder of the joys that are most important and lasting! My 91 year father is the ultimate family historian–it has truly been his life’s work. He was teaching us about our family history even when I was a little girl. He sends a family letter every Sunday, often telling us stories from our family history. They say that homemaking skills sometimes skip generations (if the mother is an accomplished seamstress, sometimes the daughters don’t learn because the mother sews for them, etc.) and maybe the same is true of family history. My father is so skilled at family history that the thought of starting it myself has seemed overwhelming. But my father is coming from Idaho to live with me in a couple of months, and perhaps this is my opportunity to finally learn from him. I’m looking forward to it!

  14. This poem was a good reminder of the need to stop procrastinating my family history work. Ancestors are waiting. The Lord’s plan is for us all to be joined as family and my efforts will make that happen.

  15. FOR I am who I am, thanks to my ancestors. I loved this part. I like to gather my family on the birth date of ancestors and teach my kiddos about them.

  16. I think the easy answer is simply that we love most those we know best. The search and collaboration required for the building of our family tree results in stronger family ties among living family members, and what we learn of our ancestors builds our love for them and all they did for us.

  17. We should remember the sacrifices our ancestors made for us, and keep searching for others not known to us yet. We are who we are because of our ancestors. We owe them so much and the most important thing would be to give them their temple work.

  18. The meaning of the poem is turn off the tv,
    It’s time to involve the family in geneology.
    Go through those photos and nooks and such,
    And prepare the for the work it will mean so much!

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