No Fly Rules

Saving Money On Air Transportation. . .

Prices quoted, unless otherwise stated, include group discounted airfare for departing from and returning to Salt Lake City.

However, if you do not wish MHA to provide this air transportation, we offer a credit off your tour price.  There are various reasons why you may want to do this:

1. Maybe you can fly free because of flying miles credits, you or your spouse work for an airline, etc.  Even if you have to fly in the night before to be there in time it would be worth it.  A night of motel costs a lot less than the airfare you would have paid.  If there are more than one of you sharing the motel room you really save a lot!.

2.  You live far from Salt Lake City and after taking the air discount you can save money by purchasing your own tickets directly to where the tour begins.  Or you may live within driving distance of the airport where the tour is arriving.

3.  You cannot get away when the tour starts but wish to join it later.

4.  A group of ten or more of you are traveling together from a distant place.  We can arrange for a group discount if ten or more are flying together from the same city.

For such people 65 and over, it is worth checking with Southwest Airlines (800-435-9792).  They offer attractive discount fares for senior citizens.  In any case, if you arrange your own air transportation, it is your responsibility to:

1. Tell us when you register so that we don’t purchase an air ticket for you and so you can receive the appropriate no-fly credit.

2. Inform us of airline, flight number, and times of your arrival and departure so we can coordinate schedules.

3. Unless otherwise arranged, meet our flight when it arrives or be on the charter bus waiting for us at the airport.

4. Check in with the tour director so that he (she) knows you have arrived!

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