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Adam-ondi-Ahman – 173 years ago this week, Joseph Smith, jun., Sidney Rigdon and others visited a place on the north side of Grand river (about twenty-five miles north of Far West) called by the Saints Spring Hill, which by revelation was named Adam-ondi-Ahman, because “it is the place where Adam shall come to visit his people or the Ancient of Days shall sit, as spoken of by the Prophet Daniel.”

Where Adam and Eve dwelt after leaving the Garden of Eden.  Also where a great meeting or council will soon be held involving church leaders from this world and the next.  Millions will be in attendance.  All prophets who have ever received keys will be there with Adam.  This site is so sacred that the Church makes no effort to advertise it to the world.  There is no visitors’ center there and the plaques at the overlooks tell very little about it.  Visitors should already know and appreciate what they are looking at.

Joseph Fielding Smith wrote a great deal about Adam-ondi-Ahman:

“This council in the valley of Adam-ondi-Ahman is to be of the greatest importance to this world. At that time there will be a transfer of authority from the usurper and impostor, Lucifer, to the rightful King, Jesus Christ. Judgment will be set and all who have held keys will make their reports and deliver their stewardships, as they shall be required. Adam will direct this judgment, and then he will make his report, as the one holding the keys for this earth, to his Superior Officer, Jesus Christ. Our Lord will then assume the reins of government; directions will be given to the Priesthood; and He, whose right it is to rule, will be installed officially by the voice of the Priesthood there assembled. This grand council of Priesthood will be composed, not only of those who are faithful who now dwell on this earth, but also of the prophets and apostles of old, who have had directing authority. Others may also be there, but if so they will be there by appointment, for this is to be an official council called to attend to the most momentous matters concerning the destiny of this earth.  When this gathering is held, the world will not know of it; the members of the Church at large will not know of it, yet it shall be preparatory to the coming in the clouds of glory of our Savior Jesus Christ as the Prophet Joseph Smith has said. The world cannot know of it. The Saints cannot know of it — except those who officially shall be called into this council — for it shall precede the coming of Jesus Christ as a thief in the night, unbeknown to all the world.”  (Joseph Fielding Smith Jr., The Way to Perfection, p 291)

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