Glimpse of the Past – LDS Church History March 1-8

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March 6, 1840 – Joseph attended a meeting of the High Council of Iowa held at the home of Elijah Fordham in Montrose.  He told them that it was the will of the Lord that they should desist from trying to live the law of consecration and that it would not be kept until the Lord commanded otherwise.

March 4, 1842 – In preparation for the printing of the Book of Abraham in the Times and Seasons, the Prophet Joseph had Reuben Hedlock come to his office to view the original and “gave instruction concerning the arrangement of the of the writing.

March 4, 1843 – The Prophet Joseph records that Orrin Porter Rockwell had been arrested in St. Louis, Missouri, for attempted murder of ex-Govenor Boggs.  He meets in council with brethren from Ramus, about building a meetinghouse there on Church property.  He uses a metaphor of a wagon wheel to describe the building of LDS communities in the area.  The hub is Nauvoo, the spokes to Ramus, LaHarpe, Shokoquon, and Lima being the one side of the wheel , the other side being in Iowa.

March 4, 1844 – Feeling an urgency to finish the temple, the Prophet Joseph recommends that work on the Nauvoo House be suspended until the temple is finished, “as we need the temple more than anything else.”

March 6, 1948 – Pres. Edward “Vaun” Clissold and his wife, Irene, arrive in Japan, the first official missionaries in Japan since the closure of the Japanese mission in 1924.

March 6, 1986 – BYU basketball coach from 1949-1972, Stanley H. Watts, is inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.  His teams won eight conference titles and two National Invitational Tournament championships.

Taken from Church History 4:89, 543; 6:230 and from Church Chronology by Andrew Jenson

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