Glimpse of Past – LDS Church History Oct 24-31

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  • October 27, 1838 (Saturday) – Gov. Lilburn W. Boggs issued his famous exterminating order, which gave the Saints the choice between banishment from Missouri and death.
  • October 30, 1838 (Tuesday) – A mob under the leadership of Col. Wm. O. Jennings attacked a little settlement of Saints at Haun’s Mill, Caldwell Co., Mo., and killed and mortally wounded several Saints.  Others were severely wounded, but recovered.
  • October 29, 1839 (Tuesday) – Joseph Smith, jun., accompanied by Sidney Rigdon, Elias Higbee and O. Porter Rockwell left Commerce for Washington, D. C., to lay the grievances of the Saints before the President and Congress of the United States.
  • October 29, 1842 (Saturday) – The ship Emerald sailed from Liverpool with 250 Saints, under the leadership of Apostle Parley P. Pratt. Because of ice in the Mississippi river the company was detained during the winter in St. Louis, Alton, Chester and other places, and did not arrive in Nauvoo until April 12, 1843.
  • October 30, 1851 (Thursday) – John Murdock and Charles W. Wandell, arrived at Sydney, as Latter-day Saint missionaries to Australia, and commenced to preach the gospel.

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