Glimpse of the Past – LDS Church History Feb 24-31

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February 26, 1834 – The Prophet Joseph Smith and several other elders leave Kirtland, Ohio, on short-term missions to northeastern Ohio, Pennsylvania, and western New York to recruit members for Zion’s Camp.

February 26, 1843 – The Prophet Joseph’s mother, Lucy Mack Smith, was very ill and the Prophet records that “I nursed her with my own hands” (History of Church, 5:290).

February 27, 1833 – The revelation known as the “Word of Wisdom,” was given through Joseph Smith, jun., at Kirtland. (Doc. and Cov., Sec. 89.)

February 26, 1849 – The first Welsh Saints leave to join Zion in the United States.

February 26, 1996 – The Church announces that Latter-day Saints living outside of the U.S. outnumber member living in the U.S. for the first time since 1850s when the membership of the British Isles exceeded that in the United States.

Taken from: History of the Church; & Church Chronology, Andrew Jenson

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