Glimpse of the Past, LDS Church History April 16-30

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April 18, 1830 – Late in April the Prophet Joseph visited Joseph Knight, at Colesville, Broome Co., N. Y., where, under the Prophet’s administration, the first miracle was wrought in this dispensation.

April 24, 1834 – On this and the following six days the mob burned about one hundred and fifty houses belonging to the Saints in Jackson County, Missouri.

April 20, 1838 – Apostles Heber C. Kimball and Orson Hyde sailed from Liverpool, England, for America on the ship Garrick. They arrived in New York May 12th, and at Kirtland, O., May 22nd.

April 15, 1840 – Apostle Orson Hyde left Commerce, Illinois, on his mission to Jerusalem.

April 29, 1847 – The first camp of Pioneers arrived at the future sit of Grand Island, Nebraska.  They burned the dry grass so that the green grass would grow faster for those who would come later.  They had now traveled 204 miles from Winter Quarters.

April 29, 1985 – Don Lind, an astronaut and member of the Church, participates in a journey aboard the space shuttle Challenger.

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